Capitals’ T.J. Oshie On Brenden Dillon And Ilya Kovalchuk: “I Never Liked Playing Against Either Of Them.”

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Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie told the media that he has “not too many thoughts” on playing during the COVID-19 pandemic and always had excitement for the game if hockey. He wants to bring fun to the fans who finally get to watch sports after nearly five months.

Oshie thinks that it is essential to get the Capitals’ power-play rolling to prevent the opposition from being aggressive. He thought the unit looked good in practice after it ranked 28th with a 15.6% efficiency from December 8 onward before the season paused.

On Thursday’s announcement of the Seattle Kraken name, the Everett, Washington native said, “I don’t know” what to think of that. The 33-year-old said he wanted the team name to be the Totems because his old coach coached a team named that. Oshie believes that it is cool for people in that area to get hockey and hopes to see family more with the Capitals making an annual trip to Seattle, beginning 2021-22.

Oshie thinks “preparation is going to have to do a lot with” having success during the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs and work ethic. He doesn’t want his team to “lay around,” even though he has a feeling that players are going be sorer when the puck drops.

Oshie said that he will be doing stick stuff on the side during the Capitals’ scrimmage tomorrow and will give forward Tom Wilson a smack with the stick on the opposite side of the red line with the two being on different teams. It is the two’s routine during the pregame skate before every game.

On the Capitals’ trade deadline acquisitions, defenseman Brenden Dillon (who was acquired from the San Jose Sharks on February 18) and forward Ilya Kovalchuk (who was acquired from the Montreal Canadiens on February 23), Oshie said: “I never liked playing against either of them.” … [I] have had a lot of battles with [Dillon]” and hated “going to the wall with them.” He felt like the two fit in well and said that “[I] couldn’t have asked for two better guys to join the team.”

Oshie said that he has “got so much more respect” for Kovalchuk as a teammate. “It’s very impressive how hard he works,” he added. He felt that the 36-year-old Russian was playing “big and physical” and is “a really, really big addition.” Oshie is looking forward to watching him. “He’s got that [Ovechkin]-ness extra gear” to push himself, he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rumor is the Leafs are going to offer BD a big contract… I would like to see RP let go to make space for BDs contract.

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