Evgeny Kuznetsov Tries New Bauer Nexus ADV Stick

For hockey players, training camp is a time to get in shape, work on your timing and prepare for the upcoming season. It’s also a time to tryout new equipment. Hockey players are constantly trying new gear, whether it’s the latest skates or the newest stick on the market.

For Evgeny Kuznetsov, this camp is no different, as he has been spotted trying out the new Bauer Nexus ADV stick. The stick is probably best known for having a slot in the blade.

According to Bauer, they aimed to revolutionize hockey stick technology with the third installment of their ADV series. The Nexus ADV boasts new technology and design aspects that have made this the lightest and easiest loading Nexus stick Bauer Hockey has ever released.

Bauer notes that by integrating a slot in the blade, they were able to create two separate blade sections with different properties that work together while loading and releasing shots.

Here, Kuznetsov has the new stick with a fully taped blade.

The basic principal of Slingtech Technology and the hole in the blade is to create a slingshot effect when releasing the puck. The hole in the blade separates the blade into two independent sections that work in conjunction with each other.

The stick also consists of advanced carbon layering to create Bauer’s lightest NEXUS Stick ever.

Below, Kuznetsov is seen with the stick partially taped during his goaltending demonstration earlier this week.

And here during his socially distant celly back on July 1.

As far as Kuznetsov’s thoughts about the new stick design, we’ve yet to hear any feedback from him as of yet, but we will be sure to forward as soon as we here anything.

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    They need to develop a stick that will help him win faceoffs….

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