Report: NHL, Players’ Association Have Voted To Accept CBA Extension, Return-To-Play Protocols

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The NHL and players’ association have both voted in favor of the CBA extension, which will run through the 2025-26 season, and the league’s return-to-play plan for the 2019-20 season, a 24-team Stanley Cup Playoff tournament in Edmonton (Western Conference hub city) and Toronto (Eastern Conference hub city), according to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Freidman.

Players voted electronically during a 48-hour span from Wednesday to Friday that ended at 5 PM ET today. A simple majority vote was enough to pass the package. The vote was 502-135 (78.81%) in favor of the plan.

A schedule for the tournament could be released in the coming days.

Here are the details of the agreement:

  • Return To Play Critical Dates
    • Monday 7/13 – training camps open
    • Sunday 7/26 – teams will arrive in Toronto (Eastern Conference hub), Edmonton (Western Conference hub)
    • Saturday 8/1 – 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs begin
    • Monday 8/10 – second phase of NHL Draft Lottery
    • First week of October (unless there is a COVID-19 outbreak in at least one of the bubbles) – Stanley Cup awarded
    • mid-October – 2020 NHL Draft (virtual)
    • Sunday 11/1 – Free Agency opens
  • Opt-Out
    • players can opt-out of the tournament for any reason and will not be penalized
    • deadline to do so is this Monday at 5 PM ET
  • Tournament Share
    • The 2020 Stanley Cup Playoff bonus pool is doubling this season from $16 million to $32 million
    • a player on a team that loses in the best-of-five qualifying round will receive $20,000
    • players in each round will see bonuses go up from there, with a share from the Stanley Cup-winning team worth $240,000 per player
  • Term
    • six years
    • can also be extended by one year if the escrow debt from 2019-20 owing to owners goes beyond $125 million at the deal’s expiration
  • Salary Cap
    • will stay at $81.5 million and remain there until hockey-related revenue goes back up to $4.8 billion (the amount projected for the 2019-20 season before it paused)
    • Once the revenue goes back up to $4.8 billion, the upper limit will be calculated using a new formula that relies on the actual revenue from two seasons ago, in addition to the projected revenue from the immediate prior season
  • Olympics
    • Pending an agreement with the IOC and IIHF, NHL players will be able to participate in 2022 and 2026
  • Signing Bonus limits
    • none
  • Final Paycheck
    • will go to repaying their debt to owners ~ $140 million
  • Escrow
    • players cannot pay a higher escrow percentage than:
      • 2020-21: 20%
      • 2021-22: 14-18% (TBD)
      • 2022-23: 10%
      • 2023-24-2025-26: 6%
  • Salary Deferral
    • Players will put off 10% of both salary and signing bonus for next season, which will be paid back to players in three equal payments in 2023-24, 2024-25, and 2025-26
  • No-Trade and No-Movement Clauses
    • All no-trade and no-move clauses will go with the player after he is dealt, even if the player is traded before the clause kicks in
  • Outlawing Front-Loaded Deals
    • For high-value, front-loaded long-term deals (six-plus years, 7.5-plus% of cap), salary variability from the highest year to the lowest year will go from 50% to 35%
  • Minimum Salary
    • The new league minimum salary is:
      • 2020-21: $750,000
      • 2021-22: $750,000
      • 2022-23: $750,000
      • 2023-24: $750,000
      • 2024-25: $775,000
      • 2025-26: $800,000
  • Post-career Health Care Subsidy
    • players will also get a $3,500-$5,000 retirement health care subsidy
  • Rehab Choice
    • Players will now be able to rehab long-term injuries wherever they want unless their team can prove that rehab will not be possible there
  • No European Waivers
    • Players who play in Europe will no longer have to go through waivers to return to the NHL if they sign their NHL contract by December 15
    • Previously, if a player played in Europe after the start of the regular season, waivers were required

For additional notes about the return-to-play plan, click here.

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