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With the third anniversary of Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin’s marriage to Nastya Shubskaya falling on July 8, 2020, and July 8 being the Russian Day of Family, Love, and Fidelity [a hybrid Church-State holiday, that occurs on the Russian Orthodox feast of Peter and Fevronia, protectors of marriage], Daria Mikhailova of Peopletalk [Russian magazine equivalent to People Magazine in the United States] interviewed Ovechkin and Nastya for the occasion.  The interview was conducted in a format in which the question was asked and then one or both of them would give their replies.

The translation of the interview by NoVa Caps’ Diane Doyle follows:

Today, on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, Alexander Ovechkin and Nastasia Shubskaya celebrate their wedding anniversary (they married on July 8, 2017, and recently became parents for the second time). In honor of the holiday, PEOPLETALK ran an exclusive interview with both of them on the subjects of acquaintance, romance and children.

Question: Who was the first of you to pay attention to the other?
Ovechkin: Of course I am. And I realized that when the time comes, I will not miss my chance.

Question: Who was the first to confess their love?
Ovechkin: It happened to us mutually.

Question: What have you done useful during the quarantine period?
Nastya: During quarantine, we finally could do the projects that we had never had time to do for many years: we went over the whole house, made a nursery, completed a game room, planted a garden … We can say that during quarantine we “completed the house, planted a tree and gave birth to a child “. (Laughs)

Question: Who is the head in this house?
Ovechkin: My wife is the mistress of the house, but sometimes she shares this place with our eldest son [nearly two-year old Sergei]! He is our boss.

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Question: Who cooks better?
Ovechkin: Nastya, she has a lot of specialties! She makes incredible borsch, meatballs, meatballs! Everything that she prepares for us, she does with a bang.
Nastya: Sasha [Ovechkin] does an incredible job of grilling meat on the barbecue grill and makes delicious fried eggs.

Question: Who was more worried in the hospital? [Referring to giving birth to second son Ilya]
Ovechkin: As soon as we went to the hospital, I started to get nervous, but I tried not to show it. Nastya was absolutely calm!

Question: Who is stricter with children?
Nastya: Sasha sometimes tries to be a strict dad, but he does it very badly. (Laughs) Therefore, I have to be strict.

Question: Who is more romantic?
Ovechkin: Frankly, I was never a romantic, but, knowing how my wife likes romantic dinners and surprises, I began to change and try to please her as often as possible.

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Question: Who likes to give gifts, and who receives them?
Ovechkin: Nastya can give herself gifts at least every day, I don’t limit her in anything! When it comes to a holiday or a significant date, we go together to choose a gift for her.

Question: Who is more lazy?
Nastya: Definitely me! It seems to me that, by definition, athletes cannot be lazy, considering the number of workouts they have to do every day.

Question: Who is more responsive to haters?
Ovechkin: I have long developed immunity towards haters! Today you are good, tomorrow bad, you can’t please everyone, so I just don’t pay attention.
Nastya: I prefer to block ill-wishers, making our lives easier: no irritant – no negative emotions.

Question: Where do you both want to go when the borders [closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic] open?

Nastya: First of all, after the end of the season we plan to fly to Moscow and see our relatives! All of them are waiting for us and, of course, are waiting to meet the new member of our large family.

Alex’s Family

Nastya’s Family

Question: What do you appreciate most of all in a spouse?
Nastya: Kindness, humanity, love for the family, gratitude.
Ovechkin: I appreciate all of Nastya’s qualities, even the bad ones. (Smiles)

Question: Who reads more?
Ovechkin: I read news portals more often, but not so long ago I read Dan Brown’s book Digital Fortress, I liked it.
Nastya: I like various literature, fiction, detective stories, classics, novels. Recently re-read “Dead Souls” and “Hero of Our Time.”

Question: Who has more influence when choosing a movie for the evening?
Nastya: We always choose a movie together: read reviews, look at the ratings of the audience! From the last – the film “Gentlemen” by Guy Ritchie. We were delighted!

Question: Can either of you last without a phone?
Nastya: Fortunately, neither of us are dependent on the phone, especially on social networks. We use the phone more for its intended purpose – for communication.

Question: Who set what goals before the end of this year?
Nastya: It is very difficult to talk about goals this year, given the current situation around the world. Our main goal for this year has already been achieved – we have had a healthy baby!

The original interview can be found here

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