Edmonton Hospital Sees COVID-19 Outbreak

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Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton is shutting its doors to the public as they are dealing with a “full facility” COVID-19 outbreak that has seen 35 patients and 15 staff members contracting the virus, according to Alberta Health Services. In addition, three people have died.

“Our thoughts are with the family members and loved ones of all three patients at this difficult time,” says the Wednesday morning AHS statement.

“In order to reduce the risk of further transmission of COVID-19, all services at the Misericordia are temporarily closed to incoming patients. Patients are being contacted and will be cared for and/or rescheduled at another Edmonton hospital. We appreciate your patience at this time.”

The hospital is now only permitting visitors who are in life-threatening situations.

The death of the 70-year-old man announced Tuesday increased the facility’s death toll to three. A death announced Monday at the Misericordia, also a man in his 70s, was officially added to Alberta’s numbers after an internal issue delayed its addition.

Edmonton is reportedly one hub city to host the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs, along with Toronto, including the conference finals and Stanley Cup Final but the NHL is waiting to officially name the two hub cities in case of a big COVID-19 outbreak. Alberta recently added 197 new COVID-19 cases and has had 8,436 total cases but only 157 deaths. 

Toronto has had 14,678 cases, but no new ones in the past day, and 1,105 deaths. The city will host the Eastern Conference teams.

The NHL is working on making a bubble to protect team players, coaches, executives, and staff from the general public. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are set to begin on August 1 and training camps are set to open Monday.

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  1. Scottlew 73 says:

    Everybody can just calm down ! The “Miz” as it’s referred to by anyone in Edmonton & area hasn’t been considered “major” hospital for 15 years or more. Any NHL players would goto university hospital which is spitting distance from new arena. Only way NHL’er or staff would have to be in accident in front of hospital to be admitted .

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