Another One for the Collection: Darius Kasparaitis Donates Renowned Stick & Puck to Alex Ovechkin

Photo: @dkasparaitis/IG

Alex Ovechkin‘s massive hockey stick collection just got a little bigger. On Tuesday, former Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Darius Kasparaitis donated his stick and puck that he scored the famous Game 7 overtime goal on May 10, 2001, against the Buffalo Sabres to the Washington Capitals captain. 

Ovechkin also took to Instagram to share the video of Kasparaitis presenting the stick as well thanking him, “All hockey fans remember the goal that @dkasparaitis scored in the 7th game against @buffalosabres? So this club is now in my collection, and then it will be in my museum! Thank you very much for such a gift!”

Kasparaitis is known for the crazy “slip and slide” celebration after scoring the overtime game-winning goal against the Sabres in 2001.

The Great Eight has collected nearly 100 hockey sticks and has one impressive collection. In April, Ovechkin and hockey icon Wayne Gretzky sat down in their first-ever joint interview in the second episode of the NHL’s “Hockey at Home” series. One notable topic was when Ovechkin received Gretzky’s game-used stick last fall, which was a promise The Great One made if the Capitals captain won the Stanley Cup.

And he did.

Ovechkin helped lead the Capitals to their first-ever Stanley Cup Championship on June 7, 2018. “We won the Cup and I tell Sergey [Capitals’ Vice President of Communications] I need Wayne’s stick because he promised me,” Ovechkin said. “Finally I get the stick and I was happy like a little kid to have a Christmas gift. It’s in my collection.”

According to Gretzky, he was trying to find the stick he scored goal #808, but could not and it is likely displayed in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He gave Ovechkin the stick from his 807th goal instead.

A Glimpse Inside Alex Ovechkin’s Stick Collection

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