Radko Gudas: ”We Are One Team, We Are Pulling One Rope”

Radko Gudas has had a lot of time for his family. He could also watch teammate Michal Kempny compete in the exhibition Clash of Charitable Titans on Thursday. He is happy for that, but at the same time he admits that he is currently experiencing a “first” period with other players waiting to return overseas. Gudas was interviewed by iSport.cz on Thursday. The following is a translation of portions of that interview.

You have less than a month to return overseas. Do you know when you could go back?
“We don’t know yet, we’re just resolving everything. In essence, in two days to two weeks, probably everyone involved should leave. However, it is still being decided whether it will continue at all. Many things have yet to be negotiated. Thanks to that, we can still be in the Czech Republic.”

How did you spend a long holiday without hockey?
“I probably never had that much time with my family. We spent it all around the house, with the grandmothers, when there was no longer a quarantine. We tried to enjoy being together. We were also at our cottage and in the woods around. Absolutely great for the family. ”

Do you still want to go back overseas at a time when your vacation normally begins?
“It simply came to my notice then. The reason is, the Stanley Cup … Some won’t do it once in a lifetime, so I definitely have a reason to come back. Now it’s just a matter of agreeing under what conditions and if it’s at all reasonable, healthy. As I said. With the boys, we have no idea yet if we will fly in two days or two weeks.”

Will you fly back even if your position in Capitals is the same as before the interruption of the competition, when you were out of lineup?
“We are one team, we are pulling one rope. We played together for a long season. Anything can happen. The coaches tried other options … What they liked. I can’t say I wouldn’t want to go there, but I would definitely welcome any healthy option for us.”

Hockey will never be the same againDo you personally find it reasonable to finish the season?
“When you look at the news, it’s not entirely rosy. That is clear, but the NHL is quarantined, everyone undergoes tests and has to follow certain rules. There will definitely be a bubble around hockey. However, when I look at it, one cannot predict what will happen there. I don’t think that people in America can handle it at all, as in the Czech Republic. It is currently one of the most dangerous places in the world. Traveling there is a lot to think about. I am not surprised that many Czechs are now hesitant to return.”

Do you understand Roman Polák, who said bluntly that he would do everything he could to keep him from returning to Dallas?
“I understand and I totally agree with him. It’s a summer run. When the season shifts, the next season will start in January. It would be played until July, which would be affected by this shift next summer. I can’t imagine what it will look like if I don’t spend the summer at home in the Czech Republic, but autumn. After a hundred years of playing hockey, it will suddenly shift.”

Do you think that hockey will have to change?
“It will never be the same again. I think the new rules will be very strict, but hopefully they will gradually relax a bit. But some rules will probably apply all the time. I can’t imagine what it will look like in five days, let alone imagine next season. ”

Despite the uncertain future, are you trying to solve what will happen next? Your contract ends in Washington and your name is very much in common with Vancouver.
“Yeah, I read that. (smiles) I haven’t solved anything yet. The agent and I talked about it, of course. But I have no further information. At the moment, it is important for me to agree on the continuation of the playoffs. Washington is still number one to me. We have a chance to win a cup with them and that is important for me and my family. When the free (agency) market comes, we will address this. I’m sure we’ll always know something in advance so we can prepare. ”

You can access the complete interview with Radko Gudas here.

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