2020 NHL Fan Choice Awards Announced — Capitals Win Four

Photo: @Capitals

On Saturday the winners of the NHL Fan Choice Awards were announced. The Washington Capitals won four of the awards for which they were nominated.

2020 GIF of the Year — The winner was Alex Ovechkin, who received 31.1% of the vote.  He beat out Gabriel Landeskog’s Video Bomb (30.9%), Ryan Miller’s Reaction (22.7%), and Expressive Mark Stone (15.3%).  It was a very tight battle between Ovechkin and Landeskog.

2020 Top Team Video — The winner was T.J. Oshie Mite of the Night who received 30.0% of the vote.  He beat out As Fast as Her (26.6%), Alex Letang (23.7%), and Boyd Petry (19.7%)

2020 Top Team DogThe winner was Captain, the Washington Capitals team dog who got 22.0% of the vote.  He beat out Flambo of Montreal (16.4%), Tori of the New York Islanders (12.7%), and seven other competitors.  He maintained a tradition of golden retrievers winning, as the 2019 winner was Barclay of the St. Louis Blues.

2020 Best Pregame Ritual — The winner was T.J. Oshie with 32.3% of the vote.  He beat out Victor Hedman (29.0%), Alex DeBrincat & Jonathan Toews (22.9%), and Ryan O’Reilly (15.8%).

In other Fans Choice awards, Jakub Vrana and T.J. Oshie were the runners up in the 2020 Best Bromance award to Sergei Bobrovsky and Artem Panarin.  Bobrovsky and Panarin received 35.4% of the vote while Vrana and Oshie received 31.0%.


Several other awards were awarded, too, such as Best Dressed, Best Dog, Best Follow, Best Feel-Good Moment, and many others.  A full list of the awards can be found here.

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