Capitals’ Braden Holtby on NHL’s Lack of Speaking Up About Social & Racial Issues: “We’re Obviously Behind As A Sport”

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Washington Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby was on a conference call with the media Friday afternoon discussing the recent events following George Floyd’s death that sparked many athletes to voice their opinions, demand change, and speak out against racism.

“We’re obviously behind as a sport,” Holtby said regarding the league’s lack of speaking out about social and racial issues. He doesn’t know why more hockey players won’t speak up, adding, “It’s kind of taboo to speak your mind or speak up for what you believe in.”

Coming from a small town in Canada, Holtby never really faced these issues we’re dealing with today. Living in Washington has been eye-opening for Holtby as far as racial and social injustice. He wanted to educate himself after following along the news about the death of George Floyd and the nationwide protests.

“I know there are definitely some things that I think are extremely morally humanly wrong that I would never support,” he said about the law enforcement’s response to D.C. protests.

Holtby was angry and depressed about the situation and wanted to voice his thoughts and speak out against racism. “This isn’t a time to sugarcoat things. This is the time to really look at ourselves in the mirror. I really believe that this will change the world in a lot of ways.”

Holtby and his wife Brandi want to use their platforms to make the world a better place, especially for their young children to grow up in. They don’t want to “paint a picture that the world is an awful place, but at the same time you want to be honest.” He says treating people the right way and education are important. The Holtbys are so passionate to do more “as the world changes in front of us.”

“You see what’s happening now and it doesn’t seem real.”

By Della Young

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