Have an Ice Day! The Ice Installation & Painting Process at Medstar Capitals Iceplex

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In early June, it is expected that NHL teams will be permitted to return to home facilities for small group, voluntary, and on- and off-ice training, according to Phase 2 of the league’s Return to Play Plan. The Washington Capitals practice facility, Medstar Capitals Iceplex, has already started preparing for players’ returns. The ice was installed on Wednesday and today the ice crew began the painting process. A Q&A was also held on the facility’s Instagram story.

Day One- Ice Installation

Day Two- Painting Process






Q&A with the Operations Director

Q: How long does it take to get ice ready?

 Overall, it takes about 5 days!

Q: Do you have to use certain water?

Nope! Just normal water works!

Q: What is the hardest part? The goal crease?

Everyone said the center ice logo is the hardest…

Q: Do you guys also prep Capital One Arena? How long does it take to set up the rink?

They have their own crew that puts theirs in but it’s a very similar process!

Q: Are both rinks being done?

We take out each sheet to redo every two years, so next year will be the Arlington rinks turn.

Q: How thick is the ice when completed?

Right now, the ice is 1/8 inch thick and we will have to build it up to 1 inch before any skates can touch it!

Q: What is different between this NHL logo paint and normal paint?

This paint is a lot thinner than regular paint.

Q: Do you have to level the ice? Or does it do that on its own or it doesn’t matter?

It stays pretty level on its own but we double-check it once we bring the resurfacer out!

Q: How many people do you have working on it at a time?

This whole sheet was completed with 6 workers!

By Della Young

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