Nicklas Backstrom Thinks Latest Plan To Resume Play “Will Probably Be The Only Option”

When the head of the Federal Reserve was interviewed by Scott Pelley for CBS news magazine 60 Minutes on Sunday night, we got a little hockey news as well. Jerome Powell, who was appointed by President Donald Trump in 2018, said that he is a great fan of the Washington Capitals.

PELLEY: You are an enormous fan of the Washington Capitals. When do you think you’re going to be comfortable going back to a game?

POWELL:  That’s a great question. Soon, I hope. You know, certainly no sooner than next season. I think next season, we can think about– it’s going to depend on the path of the virus, which is very hard to say. I’ll say generally, public sporting events, public concerts and things like that — those will be among the last things that can be resumed.

Video: CBS 60 Minutes

Meanwhile, Nicklas Bäckström, who has been back home in Sweden for a few weeks with the family to await the plans from the NHL, noted in an interview with SportExpress that he did not know about Jerome Powell’s interest in the Capitals.

“No, I didn’t really know. He hasn’t been down in the locker room and greeted us players, from what I know. But fun that he likes hockey. Now I just wish that everything would be as usual again, so we can all go hockey again.”

What is it like being at home?

“It is better for the children, as we have more spaces and outdoor areas for them to move around here. They can play better and I can train better here at home.”

The current plan is for two arenas and 24 teams with a play-in round when the NHL is running again, do you think it can work?

“Yes, as it now feels, it will probably be the only option.”

By Jon Sorensen

About Jon Sorensen

Jon has been a Caps fan since day one, attending his first game at the Capital Centre in 1974. His passion for the Caps has grown over the decades, which has included time as a season ticket holder, social media and community organizer, and most recently led to the founding of NoVa Caps in 2014. Jon earned a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering at Old Dominion University, and is a Systems Engineer during intermissions, which has been instrumental in supporting his Capitals habit.
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