Capitals’ T.J. Oshie: “The Moms Don’t Really Get Enough Credit, But They’re The Ones That Really Deserve The Thank You’s.”

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Today is Mother’s Day and Sportsnet released a video of NHL players recalling their best hockey mom stories and saluting the one who gives so much love and support. Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie was featured in the video. We’ll also check out how the Oshie family is celebrating Mother’s Day.

Oshie thought back to the time his Mom got into a little altercation with a player’s father of another team when T.J. had a game in Vancouver one time. He called his Mom a “strong woman” and said, “The Moms don’t really get enough credit, but they’re the ones that really deserve the thank you’s.”

Players included:

The Oshies are celebrating Mother’s Day with homemade cinnamon rolls and freshly-squeezed orange juice, as seen on Lauren’s Instagram story.

Lauren’s sister, Ally Cosgrove, is staying with them and shared a video of Lyla and Leni having fun in the pool.

On behalf of everyone at NoVa Caps, stick taps and a massive thank you to all Moms for your unconditional love, support, and sacrifices for us! Happy Mother’s Day!

By Della Young

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