Vegas Odds For Which League Will Be the First to Play In Front Of Fans

Vegas odds have been released on whether the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL will be the first league to have live fans. The NFL schedule is set to drop this week and the league is said to be planning for “business as usual”, making them the favorites to be the first to return to games in fromt of a live audience.

According to Sports Betting Dime the NFL is favored to be the first sports league to begin playing in front of live fans with a moneyline of +120. Interestingly enough, the NBA and NHL, who play in much smaller arenas, were the least favored.

The moneyline for the NFL is +120. (You would win $120 for placing a $100 bet). For the NHL and NBA, the moneyline has been set at +450. (You would need to place $100 to win $450).

Following NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announcing tentative plans to resume the season, NHL games being played by August 1st (without fans) is now listing at optimistic odds of -200, according to Sports Betting Dime.

You would need to place a $200 bet to win $100 that the first game will be played before August 1. You would need to place a $100 bet to win $150 that a game will be played after August 1.

By Jon Sorensen

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