Capitals’ Tom Wilson Discusses New Pup Halle, Staying in Shape, & Old Pictures with Former Capital Michael Latta

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Thursday afternoon, Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson joined Capitals’ Digital Correspondent Taryn Bray for the second episode of “CapsSocial” on Twitter. His puppy Halle also made an appearance. Wilson discussed how he’s keeping shape during the NHL Pause and was surprised when best friend and former Capitals player Michael Latta joined the chat session.

Wilson has been staying in Toronto over the last month with his girlfriend Taylor Pischke and his younger brother Jamie. He’s enjoyed the downtime with family and looks forward to when or if the season resumes. Although he keeps up with his teammates, Wilson has been chatting with defenseman Brenden Dillon and forward T.J. Oshie the most. They play golf on the Xbox, drink some beers, and pretend to be on the course, according to Wilson.

The 26-year old was asked how he maintains being an athlete and also being a competitor. “Being competitive has been in my nature since day one,” he said. Wilson is doing everything he can to stay in shape should teams get back on the ice. He’s “lucky” to have great support staff through the Capitals organization and his own offseason trainers to continue staying fit. The team trainers have been giving players different workout programs and cardio drills to stay in shape. In addition, Wilson uses the Peleton bike and BASH workouts.

In May 2019, Wilson became a partner of BASH Boxing, a new fitness experience in the region. Alex, co-founder and founding coach of BASH, joined today’s episode and gave viewers more insight into the fitness studio and what to expect if there is interest to join a session. BASH is a 45-minute boxing-inspired workout. Because of closures, Alex said they are hosting free classes every day on their Instagram Live:

  • Monday-Thursday: 6:30 PM ET
  • Friday: 5:30 PM ET
  • Saturday: 11:30 AM ET
  • Sunday: 12:00 PM ET

Alex also mentioned the “overwhelming” attendance with over 170 people joining the classes. For more information on BASH Boxing, click here.

“I actually have no idea how that started or why it started,” Wilson answered about his famous and unusual pre-game rituals with Oshie. It was something that just happened before one game and continued on for the rest. Wilson said it changes and has lots of variety, but they “get creative as you can” game after game.

It’s hard to imagine Wilson not playing hockey. An interest in medicine or even becoming a hockey trainer would be on the table if he was not playing in the NHL. In fact, Wilson did not know he wanted to play in the NHL until he was around 15/16 years old to “chase my dream”.

Prior to the pause, Tom and Taylor adopted Halle, a black lab mix, from Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. The little pup appeared with him in today’s episode. The puppy training has gone well as they have been teaching her the basics such as sitting, laying down, high-fiving, and rolling over. “She’s a smart pup…maybe a little too smart for her own good.”

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Wilson grew up with dogs in his family and has always loved them. When he came to Washington, he enjoyed taking part in the Caps Canine Calendar photoshoots. Maybe down the road he and Taylor will foster another pup, according to Tom. “It’s been an awesome ride.”

Taryn and Tom were starting to go over old photos on his Instagram page when perhaps the most surprising moment occurred: former Capitals player/roommate Michael Latta joined the chat.

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The rest of the chat was filled with playful roasting of old and sometimes out-of-content photos. “Those were some of the best years of our lives,” Wilson commented.

Latta is currently in Waterloo, Ontario. He played with the Kunlun Red Star of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) in Beijing, China, before playing in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) once he signed with Färjestad BK last fall.

You can watch the full episode here:

Check out the recap from the debut episode of CapsSocial here.

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