Report: Informal Skates For At Least One NHL Team Tentatively Set For May 15

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The New York Post is reporting that at least one NHL team has told its players to be prepared to report on May 15 to begin informal workouts that would precede a training camp of up to three weeks. Not all teams have acted in a similar manner.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly was asked about the report. “I don’t know what Clubs are telling their Players,” deputy commissioner Bill Daly told The New York Post via email. “We have not specified or articulated any ‘target dates’ to our Clubs at this point.”

The report comes on the heels of news this week that the league has abandoned the idea of playing games at neutral sites and is now looking at completing the 2019-2020 season with games at four NHL sites.

“If we can play in a small window without fans, we’ll be prepared to do that. If we need to go to centralized locations with no fans and modify the schedule, we’ll do that. We will be as agile and as adaptable as we can be,” he told “CBS This Morning”.

Bettman was also asked about testing. “It’s one, getting the number of tests you need to be comfortable that you’re doing the right things and coming together. And two, we don’t want to be in a situation where we’re depriving the medical community of the tests they may need to deal with people who are ill,” he said.

A lot will have to be worked out to meet a May 15 report date. Certain travel restrictions that are in place would have to be lifted in order for players, now located throughout the world, would be able to return to North America, quarantine for two weeks, test and prepare to play. In addition, local restrictions for large gatherings will also have to be lifted. Stay tuned.

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