A “Good Bunch” of NHL Players Return to Ice In Sweden, Other NHL Players Not Happy About It

Photo: NHL via Getty Images

While nearly all ice sheets in North America remain closed to NHL hockey players due to local restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of NHL players have returned to skating in their home country of Sweden.

A “good bunch” of NHL players, including Elias Pettersson, have returned to workouts in Sweden. As a result, Darren Dregger of Sportsnet reports that a number of NHL players in North America have voiced their disapprovement, stating it gives the players a competitive advantage.

The issue is one that will certainly gain more attention as local restrictions begin to be lifted in North America. The NHL has a quarantine in place for players until April 30th, but at some point the league will finally lift the quarantine, allowing players to return to the ice. But what about locations where gatherings will still be prohibited. For example, Virginia has a ban large gatherings until June 10th. Will that preclude the Capitals from returning to MedStar Capitals Iceplex, while other teams begin workouts?

A potential solution could be found from the NHL, where all teams are not permitted to return to team facilities until all teams are allowed to return to their facilities as per location restrictions.

By Jon Sorensen

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