NHL Players Defer Decision on Final Paycheck Until May 15

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According to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun, NHL players are putting off the decision on their final paycheck of the season until May 15. The deadline to figure out what to do with that paycheck was April 7. When the NHL paused the season due to the Coronavirus pandemic on March 12, the league told team owners to give the players their last three payments, two were to come in March with the other set for April.

It was reported earlier this month on a segment of Insider Trading that players were considering foregoing that final check, which was scheduled for April 15.

Player representatives took the idea back to their respective teams and weighed options. Ultimately, NHL players have three choices regarding the check: take all of the remaining money and put it towards the escrow fund, take some of it, or none at all.

Approximately $140 million dollars in gross pay is in this last check. It would take this season’s 14% of escrow withholding and increase to 16.5% – 17% as the total take for the season. Should the NHL not resume this season and the escrow is 35%, any amount paid back will “certainly help” the league’s owners. LeBrun also mentioned players will be receiving last season’s escrow return next week.

With the decision deferred, this gives more time for the NHL and NHLPA to figure out the fate of the 2019-20 season.

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