Capitals’ Nic Dowd And Garnet Hathaway Appear On NBC Sports Washington During Intermissions Of Virtual Game

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During the intermissions of the Washington Capitals‘ virtual 6-1 blowout victory over the Detroit Red Wings in NHL20 on Saturday night, linemates Garnet Hathaway and Nic Dowd joined Joe Benanti and Craig Laughlin to analyze the game and talk about life during the pause in the NHL season.

“We like to take our appearance [seriously] and for people out there watching, we actually wear these under our jerseys,” Dowd quipped.

Hathaway works with first responders in his Hath’s Heroes program and expressed his desire to help them in every way possible while the NHL is on pause due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Hathaway said that a lot of his Capitals teammates play FIFA (soccer video game) and defenseman Jonas Siegenthaler is not the best on the team as he likes to “pass the ball” too much.

When asked about EA Sports’ job at making their appearance, Dowd liked that he has a beard.

Turning to what it will be like when and if the NHL returns, Hathaway said, “I think [it’s] is pretty up in the air right now but we’ve got a lot of help from the strength coaches to tell us what to do every day and how to [prepare]. We hope when we return, it’s as seamless as possible.”

Dowd agreed with captain Alex Ovechkin and Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby about jumping into the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs when the season resumes. “I think [it] would probably be the best thing,” he said. “We would have a money issue with the [13] regular-season games lost, but we want to get as quick to normalcy as possible.”

He also said that he is able to connect with family more during the pause.

You can watch the full interview below:

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