Martin Fehervary Will Spend Break in Hockey Working on Degree in Sales And Marketing

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The past week has seen many American Hockey League (AHL ) players return to their homes to continue quarantine and wait-out the COVID-19 pandemic. Capitals defensive prospect Martin Fehervary also decided to return to his home in Bratislava, Slovakia. In an interview with Hockey Slovakia, Fehervary discussed his pending graduation with a degree in Sales and Marketing, his first year playing in North America and getting to know Capitals’ legend Peter Bondra. The following is a translation of the interview.

Martin, you came to Slovakia last week. For how long?

“If I knew… I decided to return home because I have a unique opportunity to complete my graduation. Although schools are closed, I firmly believe they will open. That’s why I decided to come back. Quite quickly I got a ticket through Dublin and Vienna. ”

So you will spend quarantine hitting the books?

“True, but not yet. The first day after my return, I was a little tired from planes and travel. Then I went to the charity event that will help Slovakia together with other boys. Earlier this week I started cleaning. I don’t know how to do it. Anyway, I want to study graduation topics. ”

Opening schools is not certain. However, let’s be positive and we hope that you will successfully graduate at the end of the school year. Where and from what are you going to pass the exam? 

“In Trnava, from sales and marketing. I will graduate from specialized subjects including accounting and economics. Of course, also from Slovak and English. ”

And what if it doesn’t work out?

“I also count on the scenario that I will not finish my school-leaving exam again. Just like last year or previous year. But I would be happy if it succeeded. If not, I will see what procedure the Ministry of Education in Slovakia will choose. ”

At the beginning you pointed out that you didn’t think the AHL season would continue. Do you have any more clues?

“AHL clubs are reconciled that the season will end. This is my personal opinion. In the United States, the coronavirus is still under way and we can see that it is escalating. On the other hand, I would be very pleased if the season continues because we had an excellent team. Whether in NHL or AHL. We could have done something. ”

Can you imagine that after a two-month pause, the NHL season would be played in summer, for example?

“It would be very difficult. Players are set to holiday mode. As in summer, they usually have no place to train. Ice arenas are difficult to access. In addition, such a long outage without joint training will also test fitness. I can feel it in a few days while I’m in quarantine. Although I work out at home, it’s not a training I can replace everyday work on ice or in the gym. From this point of view, I cannot imagine the continuation of the summer season. ”

If 2019/20 ended with the current balance – 6 NHL games, 56 in AHL – would you be happy with it?

“Certainly yes. I am very happy that I managed to fulfill my lifelong dream and play some NHL games. I think I showed myself well, I received positive feedback. All of Washington was happy with me. I also had a good season in the AHL. I played a lot, often playing on special teams, power plays and penalty kills. I am satisfied with the first year overseas. But I’m the kind of person who realizes that it can always be better. Therefore, I will not be satisfied and will move forward. ”

Are you currently in the position of awaiting the next overseas verdict?

“Exactly. If the NHL decided to continue, I would have to return overseas. I also wanted to look for housing in Bratislava, but I realized that for the time being it might be useless if I was called back. It’s a tricky situation. So I’m waiting … ”

But you have a place in Hershey, so there’s somewhere to go, right?

“I have an apartment in Hershey, with rent paid until the end of April. On the other hand, before moving to Slovakia, I moved out. I wouldn’t want to go back to it, I’d rather go to Washington (smile). Anyway, I lived quite well in Hershey. It is a small town, although it has its advantages. At least I can fully play hockey. ”

Peter Bondra, a former Washington Forward, also serves as a functionary in the Capitals organization. He is the director of the club’s former Legends (Alumni) department. How often did you come in contact with him?

“Peter contacted me shortly after my arrival in Washington. First we accidentally met in a training camp and exchanged a few words. Later we communicated regularly during the next practices. We also dealt with some things about finance. Peter is a big legend in Washington. I am glad that I have a well-known compatriot in a higher office position. I always appreciate every meeting and opportunity to talk with such a legend. ”

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