John Carlson Holds Open Q&A On Instagram

Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson hosted a Q&A on his Instagram story Tuesday night. Questions ranged from activities with the kids, how it feels not playing hockey and his favorites on different topics.


He is “trying to be patient” with all of the free team he has now. Carlson was asked what are some activities he has been doing with the kids. “Getting abused by hockey sticks is pretty normal,” he answered.

In January, Carlson announced his clothing collaboration with Barstool Sports and Spittin’ Chiclets. When asked if we’ll be seeing more collaborations with companies in the future, he replied with thumbs-up emojis and tagged Spittin’ Chiclets and Barstool Sports.

Captain Alex Ovechkin loves pineapples on pizza, which is something Carlson is not a fan of by his response, “Ewwww.”

Finally, in this category, the defenseman was asked if he crosses off or checks off items on a to-do list. Carlson crosses off instead of checking off items. I also do the same!


It’s like we’re in the twilight zone without hockey let alone any sports continuing their seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A fan asked him what it’s like not playing hockey right now. Carlson said, “Missing the best time of the year!”

The 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs would have been starting two weeks from today. Carlson mentioned “not being on the ice for (x) amount of time” is the hardest challenge when the NHL resumes.

One fan asked Carlson how it’s like playing with the “goal machine” who is Ovechkin. “[I] don’t think anyone realizes how lucky we are to see it first hand!”

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 2.05.31 PMPhoto: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

When asked if the team pulls pranks, Carlson replied, “Ask the ultimate pot-stirrer #19 [center Nicklas Backstrom].” We need the details on this one!

Why is Carlson’s number “74”? According to the defenseman, it “was the number they [Capitals] gave me my first training camp.” It seems Carlson may have forgotten to add the question back on his story, but his answer likely refers to an accomplishment.

“Obviously the Stanley Cup, but I think playing in my first NHL game was a huge accomplishment!”


It wouldn’t be a true Q&A without some “favorites” questions.

A fan asked if he played the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game. He “only” plays FIFA but tagged fellow defenseman Jonas Siegenthaler and forward Jakub Vrana. Regarding FIFA, Carlson was asked which teams are his favorite to play with. “Manchester City and FC Bayern Munchen,” he replied, with S.S.C. Napoli getting the honorable mention. Leroy Sané, winger and midfielder for Manchester City, is Carlson’s favorite soccer player.

Continuing on with the sports theme, his favorite NHL jersey (which includes throwbacks) is the Quebec Nordiques.

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 2.46.54 PMPhoto: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

What are some of Carlson’s favorite shows and movies? While he loves The Sopranos and The Wire, binge-watching The Stranger on Netflix is recently his favorite show. The Lion King and The Jungle Book are his favorite Disney movies.

The final question in this category pertains to food. Carlson’s favorite restaurant in D.C. is Roses Luxury.

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