Hailing the Heroes: Vancouver Canucks and City of Vancouver Salute Healthcare Workers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the entire planet in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of people in the healthcare industry have been working to the extremes as the virus has spread and overrun some cities and countries. Their contributions to the fight against the virus that has claimed the seasons of multiple professional sports leagues have not gone unnoticed, however, as the National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks and the residents of Vancouver have paid tribute to the many men and women on the frontlines in the fight.

In a video posted to social media and their YouTube page, past and present members of the Canucks organization (including franchise greats Daniel and Henrik Sedin, former Canuck Brendan Morrison, and goaltender Thatcher Demko thanked healthcare workers for their tireless work in the fight against the coronavirus.

The City of Vancouver, however, have taken their nod of appreciation of healthcare workers to a new level. At 7:00 PM each evening, residents move to their balconies or front steps to salute healthcare professionals with cheers and applause, a movement of unity in trying times.

The 2019-20 NHL season, along with other major sports leagues (and the 2020 Olympics) have been affected by the pandemic, which has had an impact on numerous countries.

NoVa Caps would like to take the opportunity to thank all healthcare workers for their tireless efforts to help care for patients and fight the coronavirus. You are the true heroes in the battle against this pandemic. We tap our sticks to you!

By Michael Fleetwood


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Michael Fleetwood was born into a family of diehard Capitals fans and has been watching games as long as he can remember. He was born the year the Capitals went to their first Stanley Cup Final, and is a diehard Caps fan, the owner of the very FIRST Joe Beninati jersey and since then, has met Joe himself. Michael joined the NoVa Caps team in 2015, and is most proud of the growth of the NoVa Caps community in that time. An avid photographer, Michael resides in VA.
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