NHL Asks Teams For Arena Availability Dates In August

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The NHL GMs did not discuss resuming the 2019-20 season on their call with the league on Tuesday, according to TSN, but the league requested some home dates in August from every team.

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic thought ice conditions would be fine for play in August but noted that “it’s going to cost money. … It’s going to take a lot of diligence and a lot of supervision by league officials but at the end of the day, yes. The NHL could do this in July and August in terms of keeping the ice going.”

As reported before, the NHL quarantine period will be extended by 10 days. It was scheduled to end on Friday. Teams are trying to figure out when small group practices will be allowed but that won’t be known for a while.

The NHL will try its best to resume the season because if it is called off, the league faces a revenue loss of $1 billion. The NHL doesn’t think there will be any meaningful payout. NHL does not plan to increase escrow before the players’ next check, which will be given out on March 30.

The Montreal Canadiens cut employees’ pay by 20% on Tuesday and it could have an impact on other teams, Frank Seravalli said. The Canadiens do not plan to take that back, unlike the New Jersey Devils as they did that earlier in the day.

If July and August see NHL hockey, the contracts that expire and work visas for European players on June 30 would obviously have to be extended.

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    Confess I’m not sure if a Stanley Cup in August makes sense.

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