Nicklas Backstrom: “It Feels Weird”

While many of his fellow countrymen in the NHL scurry to find seats on flights to return to Sweden, Nicklas Bäckström is staying put at his Northern Virginia home. With his wife expecting their third child in two weeks, the plan is to sit still and spend time with the family.

“The wife will give birth in two weeks so we sit quietly at the house,” he tells Sportbladet.

Backstrom is making good use of the down time by spending quality time with his son, Vince, and daughter, Haley.

“Yes, right now I’m out in the yard behind the house. The kids are doing some skateboarding and we just played some street hockey,” he told Sportbladet via phone from his home.

“It feels weird”

Like everyone else, “Bäckis” thinks the situation we all ended up in is surreal.

“It feels weird. Above all that you do not know anything about what is happening, that it is so uncertain … it is really a new situation.”

“But there is not much else to do but wait and take it easy.”

Whether there will be any more games in the NHL, and if so when, nobody knows.

“There was something said that we who were left could start training in a few weeks, but I don’t know. For the time being, I‘ll workout on my own here at home, ”says Bäckis.

A message for Caps fans:

On Wednesday the Capitals released a message from Backstrom recorded from his home in Northern Virginia.


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  1. equinoxranch says:

    Good for him, the family. This IS what life means. The best to him and the family.

    ps: Junior has a mean swing!

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