Predators’ Nick Bonino Issues Plea to the Citizens of Nashville, Calls For the Shutdown of Tourist Area

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The Nashville Predators’ Nick Bonino has seen enough of those ignoring guidance and recommendations made by national and local healthcare and disease control officials. As a result, Bonino took to Twitter Sunday evening to issue a plea, calling for Nashville citizens to stay home, and for the City to shutdown “Broadway”, Nashville’s busy tourist area.

“I see people going out to bars and restaurants, and I’m not sure if they’re selfish or just naive,” said the Predators forward. “An interaction with one person could, in the worst case, potentially lead to the death of many people. If you’re young and healthy, you may feel untouchable, but if something happens to you, will there be enough room at the hospital to help you? Our healthcare system is going to be overwhelmed, and if we don’t distance ourselves immediately, there will be consequences. It’s happening right now in Italy and we’re only a few days behind.

“There is no excuse. We have a chance to lock down our cities now, close restaurants and bars, or if safe, only offer takeout/delivery, anything to slow the spread. Grocery and supply stores are open, but go just when you absolutely need to. I love Nashville, it’s my family’s home, but we need to shut down Broadway. There are videos of hundreds of people out last night at every bar, and instead of inevitably having to lock down in two weeks, let’s do it now. Let’s help our hospitals by giving them a chance to help the sick. The elderly. The at risk.”

“There are examples to draw on right now from Italy, Spain, and multiple other countries, and we have to do our best to react faster. We’re past containment, now it’s time for care, and to (ensure) everyone gets the best care. Let’s flatten the curve and just stay home, or away from people.”

“Our whole team got back from Toronto on Thursday and as far as I know everyone is self isolating.”

“I doubt what I’m saying will make everyone happy. I understand people have the freedom to do what they want, but please, if you are able to stay home right now, do so.”

”Flattening the curve” is aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, and in turn, lessening (flattening) the immediate spike in demand on health care facilities.

Also in line with Bonino’s plea to the citizens of Nashville, the Centers for Disease Control on Sunday evening issued a warning to all Americans to avoid gatherings of 50 people or more for the next eight weeks.

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