Hath’s Heroes: Capitals’ Hathaway Spends The Day With First Responders At Arlington Fire Department

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Last Monday, Washington Capitals’ forward Garnet Hathaway donated tickets to the firefighters of Station 1B of the Arlington Fire Department. He invited the crew for a meet and greet following the team’s 5-2 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets. It was said that Hathaway would be visiting the first responders again. Here is how Tuesday’s “Hath’s Heroes” went.

Hathaway spent the day with personnel of Fire Station 1. The 28-year old is starting a new program called Hath’s Heroes to show his support and appreciation for first responders.

He took a tour of the fire department and had lunch with the crew. Wawa provided subs with “ALLCAPS” themed wrapping.

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Custom pucks were designed to include the Hath’s Heroes logo and Hathaway’s number, 21.

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Hathaway received some gifts from the firefighters including an ACFD cap. Later on, he worked on his chest compression skills on a CPR manikin.

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