Quick Stats: Anaheim Ducks Have A 0% Winning Percentage When They Out-shoot Their Opponents?

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Today, we’ll take a quick look at some interesting tidbits regarding the Caps’ match-up with the Anaheim Ducks tonight. The Ducks are a really interesting team statistically, and there are a few trends to be aware of ahead of tonight’s tilt. 

Winning Percentage Based Off of Shot Attempts

Here’s an interesting tidbit: a quarter of the way into the 2019-20 NHL season, the Anaheim Ducks are 0-6-1 when out-shooting their opponent.

winning percentage based on shot attempts

It’ll be an interesting collision here based on what we’ve seen from the Caps so far this season. The Caps are very successful in the wins column when they out-shoot their opponents, whereas the Ducks have been very successful when they’ve been out-shot by their opponents. The Ducks’ pace isn’t exactly sustainable over the course of an entire season, but it’s interesting to point out nonetheless.

The Caps are right at .500 when they are out-shot by their opponents.

Winning Percentage for Leading, Trailing, and Tied Scenarios After the First and Second Period

There’s a really interesting statistical trend occurring on the Ducks’ side of the equation. Check out the graphic below:

wp based on leading-trailing-tied at end of first period

The Caps better hope they either have a lead, or are tied after the first period in this game. The Ducks are 6-0-0 in games where they lead after the first period. Getting off to a good start is usually a good omen for the Caps in general anyways, since they’re 10-1-2 in games where they kick off the goal scoring.

Basically, what we know about the Ducks so far this season is, they’re a lot less likely to win games when trailing or tied after the first period. Look for the Caps to have a fast start, and hopefully get the Ducks on their heels. So far this season, the Caps haven’t been super successful in the first period, only registering a +1 goal differential (23 goals for; 22 goals against). 

Here’s how the Caps look in the same scenarios after their best period, the second:

2nd period

Overall, the Caps are really strong in games either they’re leading or tied in going into the third period. The Ducks are really only successful in games where they’re leading after the end of the second period.

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