Anaheim Ducks’ Erik Gudbranson: “It’s Just Disrepsctful”

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The Capitals beat the Ducks convincingly, 5-2, Monday night at Capital One Arena. But the overriding story of the night was the melee that ensued at the end of the second period. The dust-up included the usual punches, headlocks and face washes, but also included a severe sucker punch thrown by the Ducks’ Erik Gudbranson to Capitals Garnet Hathaway. Hathaway would respond by spitting on Gudbranson, resulting in Hathaway getting ejected from the game.

A small snip of the entire incident. (A video of the entire 10-minute incident can be found here)

Gudbranson was initially the third man in on a tussle Hathaway was having with the Ducks Nick Ritchie. Gudbranson would then split Hathaway and Ritchie, and eventually land a solid sucker punch to Hathaway’s jaw. It also appears that Ritchie, in the back, being restrained by the official, may have landed a sucker punch to Hathaway as well, right after Gudbranson delivered his.

Video: NBC Sports Washington

The Anaheim Ducks twitter account tweeted this clip after the incident occurred, clearly showing Hathaway spitting on Gudbranson following the sucker punch, but conveniently omitted the sucker punch by Gudbranson.

Hathaway met with the media following the game to give his side of the story. He was remorseful for how he reacted to the sucker punch.

Hathaway would add that spitting on a player “has no place” and that it “was an emotional play by me.”

After the game, Gudbranson met with the Washington media to discuss the incident, and give his side of the story.

Hathaway received a match penalty, which will require a meeting with the league before he can return to play. He could very well receive a suspension, which would leave the Capitals in somewhat dire straits, considering the current injuries to Carl Hagelin and Nic Dowd, and no salary cap space available to procure reinforcements.

The same two teams will meet again in two weeks, on December 6th in Anaheim. The Capitals next face the Rangers in New York on Wednesday.

By Jon Sorensen

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5 Responses to Anaheim Ducks’ Erik Gudbranson: “It’s Just Disrepsctful”

  1. Day One Caps Fan says:

    But the sucker punch to opponent face – while he’s immobilized by two zebras – that’s OK

    I hope the NHL produces at least three authentic bench-clearing brawls this season — just to rub it in Kommisar Bettman’s face. The game still has honor, in spite of the honor-less Kommissioner

  2. Anonymous says:

    Definitely two sucker punches delivered to Hathaway.

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  4. Rick F. says:

    There is no place for spitting on an opponent. I am a huge Caps fan but Hathaway brought shame to our organization regardless of what led up to his vile reaction. Any lengthy suspension is OK by me as spitting is a purely classless act that we will not tolerate.

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