Capitals’ Nick Jensen & John Carlson Surprise Navy Veteran Laurie Wood

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Photos: Washington Capitals

Incredible moments go beyond the game. Washington Capitals’ defensemen Nick Jensen and John Carlson gave a major surprise to Navy veteran and USA Warriors player, Laurie Wood after Saturday’s morning skate. 

A normal Capitals practice would soon turn into a heartwarming memory for longtime Capitals fan, Laurie Wood. She spent 18 years as a photographer for the U.S. Navy before becoming a sheriff’s deputy. While leading a training exercise in 2012, Wood fell off of a roof and lost the use of her legs.

Being wheelchair-bound would change her life, but she found a way to cope through sled-hockey. Wood said, “It pretty much saved my life.” Although she would be doing things a different way, it helped Wood realize she could still do everything she used to do before her injury.

During an interview, Wood did not even notice Jensen and Carlson sneaking in with a special gift: a brand-new wheelchair courtesy of the Permobil Foundation.

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“It’s an amazing moment to be able to share with her,” Jensen commented. She said this gives her the opportunity to “just live my life”. Someone like Laurie Wood faces challenges every day and this moment meant a lot to her.

By Della Young

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