NHL Releases Video Detailing Rule Changes For 2019-2020 Season

On Tuesday the NHL released a five-minute video detailing the rules changes in place for the coming season. The video provides an in-depth review of changes associated with expanded use of video review, enhanced player safety initiatives and changes made to promote more offense and flow to the game.

Video: NHL

In summary, the rule changes include:

  • Officials will review all major and match penalties, excluding fighting penalties.
  • Officials will have the option to review any double-minors for high sticking.
  • Coaches challenges will now include a third category for reviewing offensive zone game stoppages.
  • Penalties for unsuccessful coaches challenges are now consistent across all three categories.
  • Players who lose their helmets during play may be subject to a penalty if the player does not immediately exit the ice, or replace his helmet.
  • Expanded limitation on teams making a line change.
  • Faceoff locations chosen by offensive team.

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