CBA Update: The NHLPA Decides to Not Reopen the CBA


On Monday, the NHLPA made its final decision whether to re-open the CBA.  The NHLPA elected not to re-open the CBA, which means the current CBA remains in effect through the 2021-22 season.



-It looks like hockey fans do not have to hear about the dreaded “L” word anymore for a couple of more years.  The NHL and NHLPA are likely going to hold off for a little bit, but each side will likely resume talks early next year.

-It appears that the next Olympics is still very much in the air for the players to attend.  This matter is still in the hands of the NHL, but the NHL has been very tightly-lipped on support for going.  Many top players like Alex Ovechkin have shown support for going to the Olympics.

-It looks like both sides are attempting to avoid a lockout at all costs.  However, this does not mean that things are in the clear.  This is basically both parties saying that they will wait because the health of the league is very good right now.

-Another big winner with today’s news is the Seattle NHL franchise that is expected to hit the ice for the 2021-22 season.  If the NHLPA decided to take the alternative route, the future of this franchise would have been in limbo.

-The players are still not satisfied with the way escrow is set up in the current CBA.  However, this problem could be remedied with the next CBA negotiations.  The next NHL television deal will make a big difference in hockey related revenue.

By: George Foussekis

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