“Ovi O’s” Cereal Set To Hit The Shelves On September 17, Alex Ovechkin’s Birthday

Image: The Onion

Starting on September 17 – Alex Ovechkin’s birthday – 163 Giant Food grocery stores across Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware will see a new box in the cereal aisle: Ovi O’s, according to Front Office Sports.

The honey-nut cereal, available while supplies last, will feature Ovechkin’s toothless smile on the box and will sell for $2.69. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Maryland-based Children’s Cancer Foundation. Capitals media release is here.

While fans will quickly scoop up the cereal box, the Capitals are aiming to make it more than just a collectible by launching an augmented reality game with Balti Virtual alongside it., according to Front Office Sports.

Using Snapchat’s Lens Studio, fans with the box can scan it and access an interactive hockey game that lets them control Ovechkin as he shoots the cereal at moving targets. They can share their scores on social media to compete with others.

“Even when I was a kid I remember seeing so many great athletes on the cover of cereal boxes, so for me to have my own is pretty cool and something I’m excited about. I think they did a great job with the design and I hope the kids like it.”Alex Ovechkin on what Ovi O’s mean to him.


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