NHL Opts Not To Reopen CBA

The National Hockey League announced today that it will not be exercising its option to reopen the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the 2020-21 season. The NHLPA can still opt out of the current CBA by September 15. As a condition of the CBA, both the league and the NHLPA have/had the option to opt out of the current CBA at the eight year point of the ten year agreement. The current agreement expires on September 15, 2022.


The League advised the NHL Players’ Association earlier today of its decision. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman issued the following statement on the League’s decision:

“Based on the current state of the game and the business of the game, the NHL believes it is essential to continue building upon the momentum we have created with our Players and, therefore, will not exercise its option to reopen the CBA. Rather, we are prepared to have the current CBA remain in effect for its full term – three more seasons through the conclusion of the 2021-22 season.

“It is our hope that a continued, sustained period of labor peace will enable us to further grow the game and benefit all constituent groups: NHL Players, Clubs, our business partners and, most important, our fans.

“In any CBA, the parties can always identify issues they are unhappy with and would like to see changed. This is certainly true from the League’s standpoint. However, our analysis makes clear that the benefits of continuing to operate under the terms of the current CBA – while working with the Players’ Association to address our respective concerns – far outweigh the disruptive consequences of terminating it following the upcoming season.”

As previously noted, the NHLPA has until September 15 to notify the league if it plans to opt out of the current agreement. The NHLPA released a statement on a Friday:

The current CBA is here.

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2 Responses to NHL Opts Not To Reopen CBA

  1. Day One Caps Fan says:

    If you like Hard Salary Cap, this CBA is for you!

    I was expecting the opposite, a hard-line from Gary Bettman and another declaration of war. Maybe Commish is getting soft in his old age.

    It’s Good News for Caps fans IF Alex Ovechkin wishes to re-sign with the Caps after his contract is up. It might stretch the “Ovechkin Window” a few years.

    I’ll take it. Let’s see if NHLPA does the right thing and smokes the Peace Pipe

    • Anonymous says:

      Bettman is getting smart not soft. Lets call a spade a spade, and break it down to brass tax. NHL is growing massively bc of the popularity of the OV/Sid era which still has few years left, on top adding 2 new franchises(You cant do that if the league is suffering financially) VGKs recently& Seattle real soon. The Hard cap has been great bc it keeps more teams competitive like NFL, you cant do like MLB or OLD NHL and have Detroit,Chicago, certain large market big spender hockey teams have All star teams from free agency, only through drafting can you do that&extensions. And the cap since last lockout has jumped from like 60smil to 80smil that judt tells you bout NHL Popularity and growth on backs of OV/Sid era.

      Now it makes 0 sense with a seattle expension team to destroy all that momentum you built up so what you do is get in a room put your egos aside extend the cba another 10 years or so, so the sport can continue to grow&succeed that way when its the Matthews,Hughes era or whoever post OV retirement… the NHL doesnt lose all momentum from a stoppage

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