Alex Ovechkin Announces Second Annual “Ovechkin Cup” To Be Held In Moscow Region

For the second year in a row, Alex Ovechkin will host a hockey tournament for young hockey players in Russia; the Ovechkin Cup.  This year, the tournament will be held in the Moscow region. The main games will take place at the Mytishchi arena, with the final held at the Krasnogorsk Arena on August 17.  The Ovechkin Cup will involve 12 year old boys from eight different regions of the country.

Here is a recap of Ovechkin Cup in 2018 which took place during the summer of 2018.

The Petrov Hockey Academy, a newly founded hockey school, which is to play at the Krasnogorsk Arena, is getting ready to accept hockey players for the coming season. With the rink in Krasnogorsk now being indoors, there is now an additional rink for athletes to play.

Nearly 300 skaters and ball hockey players are already hard at work preparing for the new season.  The plan is to recruit athletes for the Petrov Academy through mid August for all age groups and will accept even the smallest athletes and hockey programs starting at age 5.

The Academy was named for the late Vladimir Petrov, a former member of the Soviet hockey team and former president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation who was a native of Krasnogorsk, and died in 2017.

This past week, Elgira Haymurzina, the head of Krasnogorsk, and Igor Knzyaev, director of the ice arena, spoke live on the program, Governor360. “These competitions are for guys who love hockey, live hockey and dream of becoming champions,  ” Ovi said in the video message in which he invited everyone to the games.

Moscow Region Governor Andrei Y. Vorobyev inquired about the situation with the enrollment of children in the Petrov Hockey Academy.  Vorobyev also announced the news that the final of the annual children’s tournament, the Ovechkin Cup, would be  held at the main venue of the Academy.

Instagram from Petrov Academy Announcing News

Click here to hear Ovechkin promote his second annual Cup.  Video is in Russian and comes courtesy of the Krasnogorsk_poima Instagram account.  During that video, Ovechkin wished the participants good luck.

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  2. John boy says:

    Ovi best player for two years you mean best player of his time nobody can mess with the great 8 that’s a fact in you can say what you need but look at his stats he is by far the beast ever of his time point blank 💯

  3. John boy says:

    Please play hard get your team together in win one more cup I have faith in god you can do it my grand dad died the year 1998 when y’all lost the cup he never was able to see y’all win the cup he is in heaven watching down on y’all I sure he loved it when y’all won the cup I cried so much when y’all won beacuse I was always with him at games one o one club he belonged in the club so I have watch hockey win I was kid always go to games I will pray for y’all in my grandpa is watch down on y’all giving y’all good luck this year let’s go caps win one more I always new you guys would win one in it worked out if you do it one time you can do it again greatest player in my book the great 8 let’s do it

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