NHL Implements Rule Changes For 2019-20 Season

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The NHL announced rule changes involving the Coach’s Challenge, video review, and on-ice play for the 2019-20 season late Thursday night. After some controversial calls from the officials during the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, it was clear that the NHL needed to make changes for expanding review during the offseason.

Coaches will be able to challenge missed stoppages in the offensive zone that led to a goal such as hand passes and pucks that hit the upper netting prior to the goal. All teams that fail on a challenge, regardless of what it is for, will be penalized for two minutes.

When a referee calls a major or match penalty, he must review the play and rightfully conclude whether or not he made the correct decision based on the video that he sees.

Referees will be able to review high-sticking infractions to determine what the right call is. The referee who made the call can make sure if they penalized the right player before the player gets sent to the penalty box.

Even if a team who will get a power-play on the next shift ices the puck, play will still start in the offensive zone for them.

A team whose player knocks the net off regardless of whether it was by accident or on purpose will not be allowed to execute a line change. The offensive team will be able to pick where the next faceoff takes place.

If a goaltender knocks the net off of its moorings to avoid stopping a player on a breakaway, the opposition will get an automatic goal.

If a player loses his helmet, he will either have to go straight to the bench or put it back on properly unless the puck comes to them right away. Players who fail to do this will get a two-minute minor penalty.

No changes involving puck over the glass were made because a differing number of television cameras make chances of calling it too inconsistent and the league doesn’t want to use video review to call penalties.

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5 Responses to NHL Implements Rule Changes For 2019-20 Season

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there any further wording on a goalie knocking the net off its moorings being an automatic goal for the opposition? That seems all kinds of wrong and will lead to players deliberately pushing goalies into the posts otherwise

  2. Day One Caps Fan says:

    Day One Says: NHL is piling GARBAGE on top of GARBAGE

    Video review of offsides is just garbage and should have never been approved
    NHL players worked without helmets for years, and somehow it’s LIFE THREATENING for an NHL player to play one-tenth of one percent of one NHL season with a knocked-off helmet, a rare occurrence. Just plain garbage

    These sissy-arsed rules are right up Buttman’s alley

    UNLIMITED coach review? Smoking dope, these people are!

    No one seems to want to do the RIGHT thing and put the superfluous Second Referee in the stands, where a paid referee can referee things instead of a paid-off stooge in Toronto at the Department of Game Fixing and Player Safety

    Yep, Day One is negative on this. It’s garbage. On with the Draft!

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