I Went to a Nationals Game and a Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Celebration Broke Out

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Most people who know me know that my one of my main passions outside of hockey is baseball, specifically the Washington Nationals and the St. Louis Cardinals.  As luck would have it, my husband and I had tickets for last June 9th, a game played just over 36 hours after the Washington Capitals had won the Stanley Cup.

Much to my surprise, I received word via social media that the Stanley Cup would be in attendance at that game and that the recommendation was to arrive early to get a glimpse.

We went to our normal seats in the upper deck at Nats Park and then witnessed a sight.  Ovi brought the Stanley Cup to the pitchers’ mound and, once he got there, hoisted it up for the crowd to see, as cheers rained down.

Ovi was wearing a custom Nats jersey shirt with a hockey style “C” for captain logo and the number 8 on the back. He was followed by Caps’ owner, Ted Leonsis and his teammates.  One by one, his teammates, dressed in Nats’ tee shirts, joined him near the mound.

Ovechkin threw the ceremonial first pitch.  He wound up, prepared his lefthanded delivery and threw it wild, as in above the head of his designated catcher, Nats’ pitcher Max Scherzer.  Ovechkin would ask for another shot. He got another chance at the ceremonial first pitch and made a better throw this time.

After that, the entire squads of both the Nationals and the Capitals gathered around the Cup, with Ovi clutching his new found love.

Once Ovechkin and his team finished their “victory” lap, they proceeded to a suite on the second level to watch the game.  Periodically, the Jumbotron would show a picture of the Caps’ holding up the Cup.

When it was time for the seventh inning stretch, the Nationals in-game Entertainment played Queen’s “We Are the Champions”, the traditional anthem of championship sports teams, along with “God Bless America” and the other more traditional music played at that juncture.

The Jumbotron also showed the Caps singing along in their suite.  The game ended, with the Nats beating the Giants.

As we left the game, we saw a large crowd gathered on the second level who were obviously waiting for the Caps’ players to leave.

We did not join in but proceeded to Metro and then straight home.  Later that evening, we heard on social media and blogs about the post-game partying, both at Nats Park and the celebrations at the fountain in Georgetown.

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(Material obtained from NHL.com and MLB.com)

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