Capitals vs. Hurricanes – Inside The Numbers: Garbage Time

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Burn the tape. That was a game the Washington Capitals will want to forget. The Carolina Hurricanes ran them over for an easy 5-0 victory. You don’t really need the underlying numbers to see that the Caps played very poorly, but here they are anyways.

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The game actually started out pretty well. The Caps were fantastic, controlling the play, and getting chances. The first line was particularly very good. But in Caps fashion, after playing great, the opponent goes down and scores a weird goal.

Then after that, the crowd, that hasn’t seen playoff hockey in 10 years, exploded, giving the Canes all the energy they needed to own the game after that.

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No one was good after the first 10 minutes, so there’s not much else to say about it. There wasn’t enough hustle, terrible passing, whiffing on shots, and everything else that was bad.

The Caps need to spend the two days off before the next game finding a way to get the puck out of their zone cleanly. Way too often they were just throwing the puck up the boards to a Carolina player and the Hurricanes would regain possession and get back into the Caps zone. It’s killing the Caps.

By Luke Adomanis

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4 Responses to Capitals vs. Hurricanes – Inside The Numbers: Garbage Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    The bottom 6 hasnt shown up all series, Reirden needs to put his ego aside and shake it up. Bring up DSP, drop Conno down to 4L, Bura up to 3L with Eller where hes had success. Shake it up, getting nothing from the bottom 6 is not going to cut it

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  3. Anonymous says:

    We want DSP! He seems to shine in playoff games

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