Recapping the 2019 NHL GM Meetings in Boca Raton, Florida


Over the last couple of days, all the NHL GMs and brain trust has gathered together at their annual meeting in Boca Raton, Florida.  Overall, the NHL’s top league executives are satisfied with current state of the game.  Offense is at an all-time high, and players are becoming more aware of various on-ice penalties.

With the state of the league healthy, the NHL GMs are still trying to make some minor tweaks to make the game even better.

Let’s dive in to some of the things the NHL’s general managers are discussing, and whether any of these potential rule changes have any traction:







It seems that there is a lot of optimism with the current state of the game.  The General Managers seem very satisfied that scoring is up around the league.  With scoring up, the general managers are continuing to make subtle tweaks to try and make the game even better.

The items that are gaining a lot of traction involve the wearing of helmets and the use of added technology around the rink.  As the game becomes quicker and more physical, the NHL is continually trying to improve player safety.  It appears that rules might be changed for players to wear helmets at all times during game play and during warmups.  While this new helmet rule sounds good on the surface, player helmets tend to fall off a player’s head on accident in most cases during game play.  In some other cases, player helmets tend to get ripped off a player’s head by opposing players.  The NHL should tread lightly on a rule change here if a player gets a helmet knocked off his head by an opposing player during game play.

Hockey fans have seen technological advances around hockey rinks over the last number of years.  From new blueline cameras and overhead cameras to Ipads for replays, the NHL is always trying to do things right technologically.  The NHL has recently tested game clocks placed inside the dasher boards in the outdoor games.  The new game clocks received positive reviews from players and management.

The major concern around the league is that these new clocks will take away ad space from the boards.  It sounds like the general managers would like to see these in place, so it should be a go for the near future.

The use of technology around the hockey rink is good for players, coaches, and fans.  The NHL has done a pretty good job with their latest technology breakthroughs, so adding clocks inside the dasher boards will make things that much better.

By: George Foussekis

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  1. Day One Caps Fan says:

    Attention NovaCapsFans fans: Read this article and tell me that every one of the new “proposals” isn’t a bunch of hooey and will hurt the game! Wouldn’t give you nickel for the stupid offsides-video-review that poisons many an otherwise fun NHL game. And the GMs had NOTHING to say about NHL “Player Safety” and the goon Commissioner singling-out players that they “don’t like” for special unique punishments. Twenty games for Tom Wilson for an event that would have brought 3 or 4 games for ANYBODY, including Gretzky, anytime before Buttman was awarded the Commissionership. Someday soon it will be some other player besides Wilson who gets The Shaft from the Kangaroo Court of Buttman and Parros and whatever other morons are on “the committee.” God help the NHL!

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