Alex Ovechkin on the Most Underrated Player He’s Played With, the Goalie He’s Disliked Playing Against the Most, and More

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Today, Alex Ovechkin and Lars Eller answered fans’ questions on Reddit as part of Fanatics’ “Ask Me Anything series” as they met with Fanatics for a signing session on Saturday, February 1.  Eller answered questions at 4:00 p.m. while Ovechkin answered them at 6:00 p.m.  Below follows the transcript of Ovechkin’s question and answer session with Fanatics.

On who the most underrated player he’s played with is:

[Nicklas] Backstrom

On his pre-game hype-up song:

It’s different, either I put music or sometimes Tom Wilson puts music on, whatever music is on I’ll listen to. I am getting old, so I have to give the young guys their music.

On whether Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper is the superior soda:

I’m always drinking soda on the bench, Coke! I have a special bottle.

On the best Russian food in the United States/Where he buys Russian food in D.C.:

We have a couple stores in D.C. where we can buy food. My Wife, and when my Mom is here I always have the best Russian food in my house.

On how much sleep he got after the Capitals won the Stanley Cup last year:

No, only slept on the plane when we go back home.

On what the best/funniest chirp he’s heard on the ice is:

It’s your last shift in your career

On his most memorable experience with the fans:

I think it was when had the Cup at the waterfront. Drinking, talking, we all were together.

On what goalie he dislikes playing against the most:

It’s hard to say, sometimes when you feel the puck it doesn’t matter who’s in net. I don’t know, I don’t like playing against [former San Jose Sharks netminder Evgeni] Nabokov. We didn’t play a lot against each other but when we used to play against San Jose it was always hard. They had a very good defense over there, and it was hard to score against – but it doesn’t matter I still score.

On whether he thinks he’ll break Wayne Gretzky’s goal record:

You never know man, you never know. It’s hard.

On the greatest goal he’s ever seen:

Lars Eller’s, game-winning [and Stanley Cup-clinching] goal.

On his favorite cities to play in:

Montreal, I like all of the Canadian cities, Toronto as well. The atmosphere, arenas, media you know.

On whether he prefers Sergei Fedorov or Pavel Bure:

Fedorov…. but Bure is good too.

On who the hardest-hitting player in the NHL is:

Tom Wilson

On what his favorite breakfast cereal is:

Cereal? More fruit.

You can read the full AMA Q&A here.

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