“My Brother Has a Stanley Cup”: Tom Wilson’s Brother Has a Message For All of His Brother’s Haters


Over the course of his career in the National Hockey League, and particularly this season, Capitals right win Tom Wilson has garnered a fair amount of scrutiny and dislike from other fan bases for his playing style. After being blindsided by a hit from Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves, fans of other teams have been blatant in their comments on Wilson getting “a taste of his own medicine”. However, Wilson’s brother Peter took to Twitter with a message for all of his brother’s haters.

Peter took to Twitter on Thursday evening in defense of his brother, mentioning his brother’s six-year contract signed this past summer, his Stanley Cup championship, and his outstanding offensive production to all  the “cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat”.

Wilson is missing the Capitals’ game against the Arizona Coyotes with a concussion from the hit by Reaves. which received no supplemental discipline from the league. Wilson has been among the team’s most productive offensive players, recording 14 points in 11 games since returning from a suspension.

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By Michael Fleetwood

About Michael Fleetwood

Michael Fleetwood was born into a family of diehard Capitals fans and has been watching games as long as he can remember. He was born the year the Capitals went to their first Stanley Cup Final, and is a diehard Caps fan, the owner of the very FIRST Joe Beninati jersey and since then, has met Joe himself. Michael joined the NoVa Caps team in 2015, and is most proud of the growth of the NoVa Caps community in that time. An avid photographer, Michael resides in VA.
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8 Responses to “My Brother Has a Stanley Cup”: Tom Wilson’s Brother Has a Message For All of His Brother’s Haters

  1. Jon Sorensen says:

    Well done, Peter. 👊

  2. Kim says:

    It’s the same as with Dale Hunter… Everybody loves to hate him, but would love to have him on their team!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to ask Ryan Reaves what his Stanley Cup ring looks like? he he he 🙂

  4. Janet Dooley says:

    Good for you Willy’s brother! Tell the haters how it really is! I love Tom Wilson especially when he takes on Crybaby Crosby.

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