NoVa CAPtures Vol. 11 – WIIIILSOOON!

NoVaCAPturesHello fellow Capitals fans, and welcome to the latest installment of NoVa CAPtures! The fun, weekly article that showcases the amazing content we receive from you, the fans! In this installment, NoVa Caps’ presents some of the submissions sent in for this week. Over the course of the season, thousands of fans show us how they Rock the Red in various ways, and we love all of your submissions! This is where we will showcase your love for the Washington Capitals. If you would like to be featured in a future installment of NoVa CAPtures, send your content to the Community Section of our Facebook page, or by inboxing them to us on Instagram or Twitter (@nova_caps).

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Thanksgiving has now passed in both the United States and Canada, Black Friday shoppers have destroyed their local malls and Walmarts, Tom Wilson has returned off a 14 game suspension, and Michal Kempny has scored two huge, game-winning goals in back-to-back games; so there’s an awful lot to be thankful for; especially if you’re a Capitals fan! November is quickly coming to a close and it’s beginning to look a lot like a very Capitals Christmas. Santa’s mailbag is full, as is mine, so let’s take a look at what the Caps fans have been up to in this exceptionally cold month of November.


Now, normally, I’d say it’s way too early to be thinking about Christmas. But even though it’s further away than Christmas, it is never too early to be thinking about another Stanley Cup! So, I guess I’ll let this one slide. This photo was sent to me with a small backstory explaining that this ornament was bought last year for the first Christmas tree the sender would share with her husband as a married couple. I guess Santa saw that request and took it seriously! Might I suggest hanging that ornament front and center on every Christmas tree you ever own? It seems to have worked. The man in Red was cheering for the boys in Red last year; let’s hope he’s got similar plans this holiday (and playoffs) season.

Submitted by: Erika Albrecht


I’m not sure if this edit is hilarious or terrifying. Either way, it’s clear that its creator was excited by Wilson’s suspension being reduced to 14 games from 20, which made him eligible for an immediate return. As the kids say, “all aboard the hype train”! Which, makes perfect sense considering the Capitals / Thomas the Tank Engine crossover. I really like the small touches on this edit, like how Tom is engine number 43, and he’s sporting the Weagle on the side of his conductor’s car. And the really subtle jab the Penguins is always welcomed. #43lieve, instead of the #3lieve trend Pittsburgh fans used last year before the Capitals but their three in a row dreams to bed once and for all. I love the enthusiasm from this fan, to go out of his way and make an edit like this and send it to me, means the world to all of us here at NoVa Caps! Please, continue to send us your work!

I’ve decided, it’s terrifying. Still love it, though!

Submitted by: Timothy Adam


Speaking of awesome Tom Wilson edits, here’s another one! As you can clearly see here, Tom Wilson is actually a Transformer who’s recently been re-activated and is ready to unleash all of his pent up frustrations on the Minnesota Wild. It would appear that that was indeed the case when our resident rough house returned; he was on all night, complete with a goal that somehow lead to a penalty! Only Wilson could manage something like that! Those piercing red eyes can only mean on thing, Tom Wilson is back, my friends, and he’s raring to go. Beautiful edit!

Submitted by: Ian Lafferty


Heeeeeere’s Tommy!

Okay, so horror movie tropes aside, there’s no doubt that the Capitals fans were happy to have Wilson back, and these edits are all the proof anyone could ever need. I could imagine that this was the feeling in the other 30 teams’ locker rooms when the news broke the Wilson was returning; along with the appropriate sense of fear, as Wilson’s reputation precedes him and people know he’s not going to take any nonsense from an opposing team! But he’s back now! And haunting the NHL once again!

Submitted by: T.J. Mohler


You know, I never really felt like these Stadium Series jerseys from this past season got the love they truly deserved. I really liked them then, and I’m glad they’re still being worn today! This post came to me with an excited and simple caption, “Yesss”. I’m genuinely disappointed that these weren’t named the team’s alternate jerseys after thirds were re-introduced this past off-season, a lot of people expected the Caps’ only third jersey to appear the season before would be named the official third jersey for this season. Regardless, fans seem to be warming up to the idea of rocking the Blue, and I think it’s wonderful.

Submitted by: Elijah DeAnda


This issue’s Caps Kid is only 10 days old and already a Capitals Super Fan! I’m not quite sure what he’s holding there; I’m telling myself it’s a hockey stick, but it looks more like a severed leg. This youngster is kept anonymous, I don’t know the tyke’s name, or even his/her gender. But I think we can all agree, this little Caps fan is adorable! Hold onto that jersey, mom and dad; there’s plenty of room to grow into it!

Submitted by: Jessica Tapscott of Jessica Tapscott Photography


This post was placed in the Community section of NoVa Caps’ Facebook page by one of our contributors. Usually, I’d rather not include items sent in by my fellow content creators, but I feel like in light of recent events this post now has more meaning to it than was originally intended. This image was created initially in celebration of Wilson’s goal against the New Jersey Devils, implying that he was on fire, as he then had 13 points in 10 games and has been on fire since returning to the Caps’ top-line up off a 14-game suspension. Shortly after his goal, towards the end of the second period, Wilson was ejected from the game in a questionable fashion, suggesting that all his hard work was about to go up in smoke. Thankfully, the NHL had a moment of clarity this morning, and we learned that Wilson wouldn’t be facing a hearing regarding the hit. Let this picture serve as a reminder of the night that the NHL proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is indeed biased towards certain players, while some players dish out nasty, injury causing hits and don’t hear a peep about it.

I’m looking at you, Malkin.

Submitted by: NoVa Caps Contributor Aaron Davis

And that just about does it for this edition of NoVa CAPtures. I’d like to remind everybody that these articles don’t happen without submissions from the fans, so please, if you have anything Capitals-related that you’d like to share, please send it in to us! We’d love to hear from all of you! Until next time, keep that Red a’rockin’ and stay tuned to NoVa Caps for the latest Washington Capitals new.

By: Chris Laroche


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