Capitals vs. Ducks – A Look At The Numbers: Embarrassing

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Well that’s embarrassing. After taking a 5-1 lead half way through the game the Capitals completely gave up and the Anaheim Ducks rallied to score five unanswered. There’s really nothing good to see here. 

According to MoneyPuck, the Capitals had a 99.98% chance of winning the game after their fifth goal. That means if the Capitals play that game 1000 times, they’d lose all of two times. We just witnessed one of them.

The Capitals played a good first half, but as usual when they take a big early lead, the stop playing hard and let the other team get back into the game. After Evgeny Kuznetsov’s beautiful goal, the Capitals did just about nothing. They had some bad luck in two weak calls on Dmitry Orlov, and the ref blocking the Caps clear right before the Ducks scored their fourth goal but it doesn’t matter.

There’s absolutely no reason to give up five unanswered goals to the second worst offensive team in the league in under 26 minutes.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.46.07 PM

Usually I break down the players stats but there’s really nothing to like about any of the players. They should feel embarrassed, burn the tape, get angry, and go on another seven game winning streak.

By Luke Adomanis


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5 Responses to Capitals vs. Ducks – A Look At The Numbers: Embarrassing

  1. Diane Doyle says:

    To describe the game as embarrassing would be an understatement. (So now fans of Columbus, Pittsburgh, Carolina, and the NY Islanders can rejoice and laugh at us.)

    • Clifford Keefe says:

      For one night, anyway…unless we’ve got thick skulls and don’t retain lessons very well…
      Not to fret, though…I have a feeling we’ll be all right


  2. Clifford Keefe says:

    Only one of the two calls against Orlov was “weak”in my opinion… The other one wasn’t…I can’t recall whether it was the boarding call against Josh Manson or the one against Andrew Cogliano that Dmitry committed but one of them hit the crown of his head against the glass in a way that was reminiscent of the collisions that turned Denna Laing and Travis Roy into permanent paraplegics. Those types of hits have to be guarded against and penalized at all costs and at all times because the potential consequences to injured parties are severe, life altering and irreversible…


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