The NoVa CAPtures Vol. 10.5 – Trick or Treating with the Champs!


Hello fellow Capitals fans, and welcome to the latest installment of NoVa CAPtures! The fun, weekly article that showcases the amazing content we receive from you, the fans! In this installment, NoVa Caps’ presents some of the submissions sent in for this week. 

Over the course of the season, thousands of fans show us how they Rock the Red in various ways, and we love all of your submissions! This is where we will showcase your love for the Washington Capitals. If you would like to be featured in a future installment of NoVa CAPtures, send your content to the Community Section of our Facebook page, or by inboxing them to us on Instagram or Twitter (@nova_caps).

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Halloween is behind us, and boy did you guys ever have a great time with your Capitals themed costumes! Let’s jump right into it and see who was out there trick or treating last night dressed as a Cap! (Or some other familiar faces).


So first up we have a pair of (presumed) siblings, the boy is rocking the red as our own resident rough houser, Tom Wilson. And the young lady next to him is rocking the red as, well, a Caps Red Rocker, what the team calls their cheerleaders. I really like the touch of giving Tom Wilson make up to make it look like he had just gotten out of a scrap, complete with a bloody nose and a black eye. All I know for sure is that if that these two had shown up at my door, they would have left with all the candy.

Submitted by: Heather Morgan


Spoiler alert, guys. There’s a few more tandem “player plus cup” costume posts in this piece. Not a negative, just a heads up. This one is interesting among them though, because in the other photos of matching couples’ costumes, this is the only one that depicts the woman as the hockey player and the man as the Stanley Cup. I feel like the thing that separates this one from the upcoming posts like it is that in this post, Lord Stanley’s costume is entirely handmade. And, it’s complete with an NHL logo smack dab in the middle. I’m not sure where these two were headed for their Halloween, but I’ll bet they were the toast of the night!

Submitted by: Logan Elizabeth Speaker


Penalty on Washington #05, 2 minutes, fussing.

LOOK AT THIS. Is this not the best idea you’ve ever seen? I love this! Obviously, this kiddo is too young to walk the whole way while trick or treating. So incorporating his stroller into his costume is a brilliant fall back for when the little guy tires himself out from all the excitement! This is just plain adorable, not much else to say. Very well done!

Submitted by: @hockeymama814 via Instagram


Here’s the second of three player/cup costume posts! This time we see a more exaggerated Cup base, I assume using something to extend her dress outward and hold its shape. The player this time around is T.J. Oshie, who is wearing his signature yellow shorts. He wears them all the time. Haven’t you noticed? Look it up, it’s true!* It must’ve been difficult for Mrs. Stanley to have sat down that night, it doesn’t look like her costume is willing to bend so easily. Also, is that a dog bowl on her head? Genius. I love everything about her costume. And Oshie over there, his gear is so delightfully tacky that I just can’t help but smile at it.

Submitted by: Jeanette Sitzes Burpoe
Featuring: Duane Burpoe

*-It’s not true at all


Okay that’s definitely a dog bowl on her head. Major props for being able to carry that around all night. I also love the sequin silver shirt. Very practical in contract to the 15 lb bowl on the ol’ cranium, yeah? And then there’s Ovi himself, complete with missing teeth and a Stanley Cup Championship towel. Not that I don’t love Oshie’s yellow shorts, but this is the easily the most well put together Capitals uniform I’ve seen from a fan in a long time, Halloween or otherwise. And not only that, but this lovely couple came in first place in a costume contest for their outfits! Congratulations!

Submitted by: Michelle Helm
Featuring: Brian and Laura Branson


FINALLY. an Ovi costume with a REAL beard! Sheesh, why can’t every go through the trouble this guy did to grow the beard for the costume? Show some dedication to the concept! This little number eight is wearing an alternate jersey, which stands him out from the crowd in an ocean of red jerseys. I hope this kid’s costume went appreciated; I bet he got a lot of candy, too! Great costume!

Submitted by: Joey Bannister


Despite the letter A on that jersey, there’s no question that that’s an Ovechkin costume. He carries his Stanley Cup as proudly as our fearless leader does, and smiles from ear to ear with a big, toothless smile just the same as well. And with him, he’s got an alien from Toy Story. I don’t know when a onesie became passable for a Halloween costume, but I saw a few of them up my way too. I don’t really love it, kinda kills the spirit of the holiday.

Ha, get it? Spirit? Halloween? …No? Okay.


Do not adjust your set, you are indeed seeing four times the recommended daily amount of adorableness. While this wee one’s jersey doesn’t have a number on it, it does have a C. So, I assume we’re dealing with a little Ovi here. I don’t know if this Caps Kid is old enough to understand the concept of Halloween just yet, but one thing is for sure: Halloween candy tastes 10,000 times better when it’s eaten out of the Stanley Cup. It’s just science.

Submitted by: Bill Valoris


Oh, I’m sorry. Were you expecting commentary for this one? I didn’t think it need explaining. The Capitals won the Stanley Cup. The last Player/Cup couple won a costume contest. This guy won Halloween. Here we see our old pal Crosby, up to his usual tricks. Crying, being a baby, and needing constant attention from the refs to prevent a nuclear tempter tantrum. And just look at the size of the bottle. It’s almost as nice as the Stanley Cup! But far better suited to Sid the Kid than the Lord Stanley, hands down. I don’t audibly laugh at a lot of stuff I see online, but this post right here had me actually ROTFL’ing. Well done, guys. Absolute perfection.

Submitted by: Ross Bisson

And that’s all we have for this year’s NoVa CAPtures Spook-tacular! Thank you to all of the fans who submitted their Halloween costumes! Keep in mind, there is no wrong time to send up a Capitals costume or cosplay! If you’ve got one, I definitely want to see it! Submit it to us here at NoVa Caps for a chance to have it appear in a future episode of NoVa CAPtures. Until next time, my name is Chris; and I hope you got a enough candy to keep you rocking until Thanksgiving!

By: Chris Laroche

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