NoVa CAPtures Vol. 9 : Off and Running!


Hello fellow Capitals fans, and welcome to the latest installment of NoVa CAPtures! The fun, weekly article that showcases the amazing content we receive from you, the fans! In this installment, NoVa Caps’ presents some of the submissions sent in for this week. 

Over the course of the season, thousands of fans show us how they Rock the Red in various ways, and we love all of your submissions! This is where we will showcase your love for the Washington Capitals.

If you would like to be featured in a future installment of NoVa CAPtures, send your content to the Community Section of our Facebook page, or by inboxing them to us on Instagram or Twitter (@nova_caps).

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NoVa CAPtures is an article that usually takes me several days to complete; I like to wait a bit to make sure we get enough posts and content to make each episode worth pushing out. That said, today, as I begin Episode 8, it is September 1st. In just 30 days time, the hockey world will be ready for Game 1 and hype could not be anymore real as your reigning, defending, Stanley Cup Champions, the Washington Capitals, look to protect their title and begin the hunt for Cup #2.

The time is finally upon us! The season began earlier this week when the Capitals blanked the Boston Bruins in their 2018-19 home opener. The banner is up, the emotions are high, and Washington Capitals are looking to make a statement, as they begin their quest for back to back Stanley Cup Championships. The team is ready, the fans are ready. And there is a lot positivity in the air around Washington, DC. That air is infectious, and has brought out the best of the Capitals fandom. If you need proof, look no further. Here’s what Capitals fans have been up as the prepared for the banner to go up.


Look at this. No, stop. Stop reading. Look back at that picture again and then come back and read this. Go on; I’ll wait.

Alright, welcome back! Don’t you love that? That isn’t just cling-ons, or fatheads, or whatever the kids are calling big stickers these days; no. This is a Honda Pilot Mosaic. It’s beautiful. In the middle, we have the weagle. A lot of people thought we should have utilized the weagle on our alternate jerseys this year, but failed to come to fruition. In this submission, it takes the center of the window, loud and proud, as the driver shows off their Caps pride. To the right of the weagle, we see the Caps’ main logo; spelling out “Capitals” in all lower case letters. To the far left, the Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champions logo, which has been on countless hats, shirts, and other merchandise since we hoisted the Cup in June. When these three logos come together, it is the ultimate display of DC passion! All this driver is missing is a Capitals license plate cover.

Submitted by: Anna Bergren Knox


I think I’ve seen something like this before on one of those creepy Facebook ads that show up on the side of your newsfeed. You the kinds, you’re driving home from work one day, and your phone is in your pocket, and you think to yourself, “Man, I could sure go for a Capitals quilt. I’d love to have one”. And despite the fact that you never Googled the concept, nor said it out loud to another living being, that same quilt you envisioned in your head on while stuck in traffic on the highway appears in your there in your feed online that night. Those kinds. But, this is not on of them. This was made by the person who submitted it to us and it is absolutely stunning. These labors of love are some of my favorite things that I get to share with you. Look at this, the Championship logo in the center of the quilt, surrounded by what looks like the back of some Ovechkin player shirts. As the blanket spreads out, you see more call backs from the play offs and the regular season. From Washington’s participation in the “Hockey is for Everyone” campaign to Holtby’s famous Save, and in the finishing it off in the corners we have signs from the Championship parade. You can tell just looking at this piece how much love went into this blanket. My hats off the person who made; it is an absolute treasure.

Submitted by: Kim Huntington


As I briefly mentioned before, a lot of people were hoping the weagle would have been featured on our alternate jersey. Here we have a fan submission of some concept art of what our alts could have looked like if the Weagle had gotten the nod. And I’ve got to say, I really like this concept. We have the weagle on the front, our regular “Capitals” logo on the shoulders, under the number which is odd. Possibly an oversight by the creator but I don’t hate it to be honest. The down the sleeves we have the three stars on the DC flag. Inside that blue color, the word “CHAMPS”, in #ALLCAPS, appropriately enough. Not everyone will see it, but we’ll know it’s there. And that’s all that really matters. I’d drop $200 on one of these. Someone should hire this artist! DC needs this kind of creativity!

Submitted by: Jesse Martin


This submission was sent to us with the caption, “When in Pitt, we wear Caps Lord Stanley shirt and flip off Pens training facility just before practice starts“. This is as real as it gets, my friends. We all think about doing things like this, and he just went ahead and did it. The Pens were no doubt in their training away blissfully unaware of the Caps fan chucking them the (flightless) bird. I always love seeing fans rock the red in enemy territory. No place takes the cake quite like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I bet he got some weird looks that day! And by weird, I mean jealous.

Submitted by: Nicholas Palacio


So here we have a fan who’s made his own Stanley Cup! I’ve seen a few of these over the last few months, but this one is one of the few that I (believe) is on par with Lord Stanley himself in terms of size. It also has Championship logo plastered on the front. It may be crudely duct taped to hold the cup itself up, but I still really like this submission. Well done! Let’s hope there’s another fan made Cup to be made next year!

Submitted by: Ryan Spenser


So! Fall is here, which means hockey is back. Basic white girls everywhere have embraced their Ugg boots and pumpkin spice flavored everything. And where there’s pumpkin spice, there is sure to be pumpkins. Take a look at this lovely white pumpkin, painted to rock the red! Now, white pumpkins tend to catch me off guard. I typically think of them as being orange, and very rarely give it anymore thought. But white pumpkins are rather pretty, even when plain. But when you dress one up to be a Washington Capitals pumpkin, complete with a stunning paint job some lovely red and blue ribbons wrapped around the stem. I’m not one to do holiday decor, but even I would be delighted to have a bunch of these around the house while the weather begins to cool down.

Submitted by: Andrea Schleg



Look at this! Where is this? Who made it? What’s it made of? Is it still there? Why aren’t all those pumpkins white and painted with a Washington Capitals theme? I have so many questions! But I can’t seem to ask them because my jaw unhinged itself when I saw this behemoth of a Cup! I actually have no words. This replica Cup, if you can even call it that, is absolutely breathtaking. I’m curious to know just how tall this thing actually is. I hope this is something large enough to attract people to the pumpkin patch rather than just being a decoration within it. It’s incredible! I hope this monument stays up for a good, long time! And that reminds me, we really need an Ovcheckin Monument at the National Mall, don’t you agree?

Submitted by: Michelle Fettig


These week’s Caps Kid is little Alex, named for the Washington Capitals’ fearless leader. Alex, being the dedicated Capitals fan that he is, didn’t want to miss the Banner raising ceremony, so he decided to grace us with his adorable presence a whole month early. And can you blame the kid? He got to see his team raise the banner and drop the Bruins all in one exciting night! But of course he didn’t see this historical event before first posing in a replica Stanley Cup of his own! (Side note, this replica cup is probably my favorite one of the slew that I’ve seen. It’s the most realistic and it looks like all it’s really missing is the names of the players around the bands. Congratulations to Alex’s parents on the birth a beautiful, healthy, baby boy! May he grow up having an awful lot to cheer about.

Submitted by: Travis Stoner


I can hear you in the comment already, “Chris, is that a replica Stanley Cup made of open beer cans and dog food bowl?

Why yes it is, dear readers, how kind of you to notice. The thing that I really love about things like this is they really showcase the creativity of Caps fans. I have no idea how he got those cans to stay together, or if they’re all empty. But this guy didn’t have a Stanley Cup of his own, and he wanted one. So, he took matters into his own hands and made one! Brilliant! This is the kind of heart (and alcohol intake) Capitals fans have been known for decades! But now that we have a Cup and a matching banner, we’ve tapped into a whole new level of passion! Well done to you, sir! I love this Cup!

Submitted by: Nate House


We have Caps fans abroad, my friends! And to match, have a Stanley Cup Championship flag (towel?) in the famous Colosseum in Rome, Italy. I’ve seen a lot of Caps fans rocking the red in a lot iconic places, but I think this one takes the cake! And if you look beyond the Caps fans you’ll see the Colosseum itself. Stunning, isn’t it? And so amazing that structures this old can remain as charming now as they were hundreds of years ago! To think of all the blood that’s shed in that arena, and now the Capitals have trekked through it as well! It’s like we’ve put our stamp in the history books! Keep those submissions from abroad coming, everyone!

Submitted by: Will Deibler


Today we’ve saved the best for last! Here we have an incredible mural of The Save. Tuch really thought he had that goal made. I think we all thought he did. But then Holtby went into full on Beast Mode and denied the shot on the open net to keep us ahead, and brought the Capitals to win their first ever Stanley Cup Final game! The broadcasters that night predicted that save would be celebrated in Washington for years to come, and so far, they’re 100% right! To think that someone is this talented, to recreate that moment in such detail on a wall like that is awe inspiring. I cannot praise this piece enough, it’s on of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, hockey or otherwise. I really hope this got some local media attention at least. It’s worth of resting in The Smithsonian in my opinion.

Submitted by: Dan Dufresne

Art by: Pat Cosgrove

And that concludes this episode of NoVa CAPtures! Thank you to everybody who submitted their pieces to hep NoVa CAPtures make its regular season debut! Keep those posts coming folks, hockey season has only just begun, and with NoVa CAPtures in its rookie season, it will be wanting to make an impact! That can’t happen without you! Feel free to send us anything and everything Capitals related you can come up with. There’s nothing we don’t want to see going into the start of the season! Let’s show the NHL why the Washington Capitals have the greatest fanbase in sports!

By: Chris Laroche

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