Hershey Bears 2018-19 Season Ticket Holder Pickup Night (Photos)

Hockey season will soon be here! Bears’ fans finally got to pickup their season tickets and had the chance to meet some of the new players for the upcoming season. 

The Bears introduced a few new additions to season ticket holder pick-up night like a banner and goals that fans could share a message with the team, as well as a new dasherboard display with all the season ticket holder’s names on it. Pretty neat addition. Of course, fans also got to meet the players and skate with them, which is always a good time for the fans.

Keep scrolling for some photos from the night!

Mason Mitchell signing a mini stick for some mini fans.

Some fan comments on the banner that will go in the Bears’ locker room.

Just signing away…

Two practice goals were also on the concourse for fans to sign.

Yeah, we’ll want to hit the back of the net a few times this season. 🙂

Catch me if you can!

By: Tori Hartman

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6 Responses to Hershey Bears 2018-19 Season Ticket Holder Pickup Night (Photos)

  1. BearsFan20 says:

    If only they had had our veteran players there last night, but they are all still up with the Caps. THOSE are the players longtime fans want to see….not these young players no one has even heard of yet. Young talent is nice, but give THIS fan her favorite players back . #20 is LIAM O’BRIEN, NOT that kid who had it on last night. We need veteran players to lead these kids!!! And sure hope Milner plays better than he did last year in Hershey!! We need solid goalies!

    • Tori Hartman says:

      I hear you. Some of those players will be back. The AHL is fun because we get to watch players grow and eventually move on to the NHL and live out their dreams. While, yes, I would love to see most of those boys back in Hershey, I’m also super thrilled that they’re getting an extended look in Washington. And remember Liam O’Brien came in as a young kid once and took over that #20 from the vet Jeff Taffe. Give the new boys a chance, you never know who might become your new favorite player. 🙂

  2. Jon Sorensen says:

    Having the names of the season ticket holders on the boards is an awesome idea! The Bears are trying new things and hitting a home run with many of them.

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