New Season, Same View, With Continuing Thoughts


Preseason is upon us, which means the glorious celebration of raising the banner, having Lord Stanley in OUR house, and kicking off another season of watching the team we love, play the sport we love : HOCKEY. 

My foray into writing (something I’ve never done before) began by being asked if I was interested in writing about my trip to Nashville for an away game. STORY HERE. I realized I enjoyed writing about the Washington Capitals; not from an analytics standpoint,  (I leave that to the more versed people, although I’m learning more and more everyday) but from a fan and season ticket holder perspective.

I wrote about events I was fortunate enough to attend. HERE, HERE. My favorite piece to date is the poignant and rather foreshadowing piece I wrote this past May. STORY HERE.

I was asked this summer if I would be interested in compiling the celebrations of the players and their day(s) with Lord Stanley, documented  by the talented writers of NoVa Caps. What began as “holy crap I can’t do this”, (totally something I had never done before and out of my comfort zone) turned into a labor of love, as I relived the joy of winning The Cup through the eyes of the players and their families. STORY HERE

As the team and fans are gearing up for a BACK to BACK season, I too am thinking about my “sophomore year” with “Thoughts from Section 217”. I know I enjoy writing, I’m now asking if you as NoVa Caps’ fans enjoy reading what I have to say, and encouraging your input.

Vote YES if you like what you’ve read and want it to continue . Vote NO if perspectives from a Caps’ fan isn’t your cup of tea.

Comments and suggestions for improving my regular column are always welcome, and encouraged. (just be kind 😉)

By Lisa Desabrais


About Lisa Desabrais

Just your run of the mill hockey lover and even bigger Caps’ fan. Season Ticket Holder. Contributor for NoVa Caps. Bless my husband for supporting my love of all things hockey related.
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