Meet Joe Noyes, NoVa Caps’ Photographer

599493EB-40CD-415D-B3EF-52C44AAECBBAMost people need words to tell a story. Joe Noyes only needs photographs. As the players head back into town for the beginning of a new season, we would like to introduce the person responsible for helping us illustrate the day-to-day story of the Washington Capitals

Per Jon Sorensen, founder of NoVa Caps in 2014, whom Joe has been part of since its inception: “One of my greatest joys in working with NoVa Caps is the day-to-day interaction with extremely creative and talented people. The work they do on a regular basis amazes me each and every day. Joe has an incredible eye for the subject at hand, and is extremely talented at creating a powerful image for any given moment in time.”

In true Joe fashion, let us tell “his story” through his photos.

Joe is a master at catching candid moments.


Working with NoVa Caps and photographing the Washington Capitals isn’t the only thing he does; he covers other sports’ teams as well.

The beauty he captures in his photos is breathtaking!


He photographs events as well, including the Washington Capitals Casino Night. Pictures and story HERE

New season, new experiences; come along for the ride as Joe and NoVa Caps captures them all. (You can check out his latest set from Capitals practice this week here.)

Be sure to check out Joe’s website here, and give him a follow on Instagram here.

By Lisa Desabrais

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