Hershey Bears Make Donation to “Team McClean”

Photo: @The HersheyBears

The Washington Capitals AHL affiliate team, the Hershey Bears, made a generous donation today to a very worthy cause. “Team McClean“, as they’re known, is a community of people who support nine-year old Ethan McClean, a boy from Ireland with muscular dystrophy.

For those who don’t know, muscular dystrophy is a genetic mutation that leads to the deterioration of muscles. Most cases start in childhood, the effected muscles weaken over time and most of those afflicted will, in time, require use of a wheelchair for mobility.

Despite the disease taking its toll on Ethan’s mobility, his team of supports has made his story travel around the world. It’s even caught the attention of the AHL and the NHL. Ethan is a devote ice hockey fan, who shows little team biased, if any. He has a beautiful collection of pucks, including but not limited to, the Minnesota Wild, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and now the Hershey Bears.

Indeed, young Ethan received a care package of sorts today from the hockey team in Chocolate Town! This package included a puck to add to his collection, a jersey and a beanie, and a model of the zambonis one can find tending to the ice at the Giant Center.

That jersey and beanie combo suits him well! Of course, he shows love for the sport as a whole and not just one team, so it isn’t rare to find him supporting many teams. While we all love the Capitals, I suppose most of us probably have a soft spot for another team or two within the NHL or around the world.

But regardless of affiliation, it’s important to remember that it’s all about making the days of these kids who show so much bravery time and time again. It will be interesting to see how the Capitals respond to the generous gesture from the Hershey Bears. Hopefully, some Caps pucks and gear will be headed Ethan’s way next.

To check out Ethan’s complete hockey memorabilia collection, check out his Twitter account! You can find him be searching for the handle @team_mcclean, or by clicking that link if you don’t have a Twitter account of your own.

By: Chris Laroche

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