Former Capital Marcus Johansson Marries Long Time Girlfriend

On Saturday, August 25, former Washington Capitals forward, Marcus Johansson, married his long-time girlfriend, Amelia Falk, in an outdoor wedding in Borgvik, Värmlands Län, Sweden, about 25 kilometers west of Karlstad. 

Below is the seating at the venue prior to the ceremony.

The Seating at Johansson Weddint

Before the ceremony, the groomsmen, including Johansson’s elder brother, Martin, and former teammate, Nicklas Backstrom, posed in front of the limousine.

Groomsmen in Front of Limo Johansson Wedding

Groomsmen at Johansson Wedding

Below is a picture of the bridesmaids surrounding the bride, each wearing a crown of flowers and greenery and carrying flowers.  The bridesmaids wore white dresses, with a flowery theme.

Bridesmaids at Johansson Wedding #2

Johansson’s two-year old daugher, Mila, and his two nieces; i.e. the daughters of his brother Martin, were the flower girls.  They all wore matching green dresses.

Closeup of Mila and Cousins Flower Girls

The bridesmaids and the flower girls proceeded down the aisle together, with the bridesmaids in single file and the flower girls walking hand in hand.

Johansson Wedding Bridesmaids and Flower Girls walking Down Aisle

A happy Johansson kisses his bride underneath the canopy.

MoJo Amelia Kissing Under Canopy

Johansson and Amelia under Canopy closeup

Below are pictures of Johansson, with his new wife, and their daughter.



Here is a picture of the happy couple in front of a limousine, with glasses of champagne.

MoJo Amelia in front of Limo

There was a reception following the ceremony, which included a dance with the bride and groom.

Johansson and Amelia Dancing

Here is a shot of guests at the reception.  Andre Burakovsky was in attendance at the wedding even if he does not appear in that shot.

Reception Guests at MoJo Wedding

A few video clips from the event:


Below is a shot of the entertainer at the reception.

Singer Guitar Player at Johansson Wedding

Below is a shot of Johansson opening up the champagne.

Johansson with Champagne

By Diane Doyle

(Photos and Videos courtesy of Marcus Johansson, Martin Johansson, Marcus Krischell, and Claes Henriksson via Instagram)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Marcus, congratulations on your HAPPY DAY!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Marcus, congratulations on your HAPPY DAY!!! Really, really wish you nothing but the best for a wonderful life together and that you could have been here for the Cup run. #ALLCAPS

  3. Jon Sorensen says:

    I (still) want my MoJo back. ☹️

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