Andre Burakovsky Discusses Meaning Behind New Stanley Cup Champions Tattoo


The day is now etched in the memories of Capitals fans forever.

After watching their Captain toss-out the first pitch(es) at a Washington Nationals game, and then tossing a few cold ones back while watching the game, the newly minted Stanley Cup Champions stormed the streets of downtown DC like a bunch of drunken pirates on shore leave. The partying was legendary, with the boys leaving an impressive string of smoking craters in their wake. Arrrgh! 

First stop, the Georgetown waterfront for more grog and a swim in the fountains. Then it was off to Cafe Milano for a quick hang with local dignitaries,

Then, for eight of the boys, it was off to a local tattoo parlor (Paradise Tattoo), including two of the Capitals young whipper-snappers, Jakub Vrana, who would go with a smaller tat to mark the Championship, and Andre Burakovsky, who would go with a larger forearm piece that included a string of dates.

Andre was asked about the details behind the tattoo in a recent interview with Swedish media. [The english translation follows below]

Short video translation of Burakovsky from @Viasat_sport

Reporter: You said you´ll carry this with you forever. You meant that literally. Do you want to show the memory you created with some team mates?
André: Yes, I can do that.
Reporter: Can you explain why you did it?
André: I did a tattoo, we said that if we win the Stanley Cup, we´re getting a memory that will be with us forever. It was eight of us that did tattoos, we all did different ones. I did Stanley Cup champions and the date. Then I realized that it became pretty small and that´s when I thought of adding more when I was already doing it.

Andre would add the birthdates on his parents and siblings to round-out the tattoo.

Translated by Sofie Begnsston

Original video from Viasat Sport:

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  1. LarryT says:

    I believe those are birthdates of hid parents and sisters, not grandparents.

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