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Hello fellow Capitals fans, and welcome to the latest installment of NoVa CAPtures! The fun, weekly article that showcases the amazing content we receive from you, the fans! In this installment, NoVa Caps’ presents some of the submissions sent in for this week. 

Over the course of the season, thousands of fans show us how they Rock the Red in various ways, and we love all of your submissions! This is where we will showcase your love for the Washington Capitals. If you would like to be featured in a future installment of NoVa CAPtures, send your content to the Community Section of our Facebook page, or by inboxing them to us on Instagram or Twitter (@nova_caps).

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The dust has settled, the Cup is being passed around, and for those players who’ve spent the day with Lord Stanley already, life has returned to normal in these dog days of summer. Long finished are the jokes of Ovi needing to sober up before the banner is raised. In fact, the Great Eight has been back to work and getting in shape for quite some time now. If you’d like to check out Alex Ovechkin’s insane work out routine, click here. If you’ve seen what he puts his body through to be at peak performance, it goes without saying that he is one champion who is more than ready to defend his title.

As for us fans, summer’s kinda lingering on. Sure, we love the beach days and the warm weather, but boy do we miss hockey! There’s not a ton of submissions coming in, but let’s make the most of what we have! What do you have going on during these long August days? Let’s have a look.


So first up I’d like to tug at your heart-strings if I may, dear readers. No jokes, no sarcasm, no silly quips this time. This post was submitted to us not too long ago and is about that young woman on the right of the photograph. She’s fighting what was described to me as a “hideous cancer called Leiomyosarcoma”, and has spent countless hours in the hospital. A family friend brought this story my attention, his exact words were:

During the Stanley Cup, you may have seen the story behind this amazingly strong woman. She is the daughter in law of a friend of ours from church. She is a die-hard CAPS fan, and I am praying for a successful surgery! Today Amanda is undergoing a very long (13 hours), dangerous surgery to remove a tumor that has replaced the blood flow path between the torso & the legs. It is a hideous cancer called leiomyosarcoma, resistant to chemo & radiation. Surgical removal is the best option. She has a 3 yr old son, an 8 month daughter & a very loving husband. If you pray, if you feel/send positive energies, if you just think healing thoughts or cross your fingers, please do so looking to the heavens, with this woman in your heart. Thank you.” 

I am happy to report that the operation was a success and she is now in recovery! Hats off to this amazing woman! This story made me smile when I heard she was doing well. It would appear her story has touched a certain few other people, as well. Below, you’ll find a Capitals jersey named AMANDASTRONG, signed by some of the boys! Wilson, Oshie, and Orpik to name a few, have all shown their support for Amanda and her family, I feel it’s only right that we do the same. As you are no doubt aware, the fight against cancer is a long and costly one. If everybody could donate just $1 to Amanda’s road to recovery, together we’d raise thousands. Capitals fans are like no others, we stand by each other in the best of the times, and the worst. We are a global community tied together by our love for this amazing hockey club, and now one our needs our help.  If you’re interested in helping Amanda and would like to donate, you can do so via her GoFundMe, which can be found here. I hope she has a lot to cheer about in the coming hockey season! As do we all. Let’s all be #AmandaStrong


Submitted by: Jim Melton


I’d like to change the tone a bit now and show you something adorable. You know what I love? Animals. You know what else I love? The Washington Capitals. I’m sure the latter comes as no surprise. But you know what I love most of all? Animals who are clearly in love the Capitals and not wearing merch bought by their owners at all. Here we have a Caps Cat rocking the red with a Capitals name tag and what looks to be a matching collar. I can’t quite make it out, but that’s what I’m telling myself it is. This adorable little cat is Izzy, and I’m sure she’s purr-fectly content waiting for October, knowing her team will raise a Stanley Cup Banner come opening night! It will all be worth the wait, Izzy, I guarantee it.

Submitted by: Susan Willner


Our Stanley Cup win may by over two months old now, but for some the party continues! That’s very much the case for this family, vacationing on the Outer Banks. I’m not quite sure what they’re holding; it looks like a banner of some sort, but could also be a a solid object like those tailgating tables they sell on Shop.NHL, either way it’s really something cool! I love the design with the Weagles on opposite ends and the Cup in the middle! Regardless, I hope this Caps family is having a blast flaunting their Stanley Cup pride this summer! Let’s keep those submissions, coming guys! Where ever you go this summer to represent the Capitals; trust me, we wanna see! Beaches? Show us! Disney? Show us! Pittsburgh? DEFINITELY show us! Abroad? Send everything you got our way! Our first Stanley Cup victory celebration must be known the world over!

Submitted by: Becca Lusk Childress


Now here’s something we don’t see a lot of in the submissions mailbox, a fan made graphic! Now, we have a guy who does graphics for us an here at NoVa Caps, which makes me appreciate this kind of work all the more; because there’s no way at all I could ever do it! The graphic, clearly labeled “Stanley Cup Champions” edits some of the most exciting moments from before the boys left the ice in Las Vegas. This piece is beautifully done and captures some of Washington’s biggest names in their happiest, most euphoric moments. I can’t even begin to fathom what was going through their minds as they passed the Cup around for the first time, but one thing is for sure, this edit captures all the excitement I’m sure they, and we, all felt!

Submitted by: Perry Robinson


I need these. I really need these. I didn’t know these even existed, but now that I do, I need them. LOOK AT THESE SHOES. They’re so perfect. I’m not a shoe guy, I’m more into hats, but from a purely fanboy standpoint, these shoes are a must have for any Caps fan. I wouldn’t dare to even wear them, they’d go in glass case and be put on display in the mancave. My god, these shoes a pretty. Anyone know where I can get a pair?

Submitted by: Clinton Boggs


I’ve seen a few pictures of these buckets and I’d love to have one for myself. You truly don’t know the envy I have for all the local fans who get the Caps logo on just about everything. From what I’ve gathered, these buckets are selling like hotcakes and they’re becoming more and more difficult to find. Correct me if I’m wrong about that. But I feel this one of those random items that nobody really expected to see the Caps championship logo plastered on, which caused everybody to buy out of impulse. I hope this young man got his bucket and ran with it! It’s certainly a bizarre thing to WANT to buy a bucket, but if there was every a bucket to want to buy, this would be it!

Submitted by: Jenifer Kroll


A short while ago, we did a mini episode of NoVa CAPtures featuring fan-submitted license plates. This isn’t technically the same category, but I highly suggest you check that article out if you’re looking to add a little Caps flair to your car. Here we see a regular license plate from a transplant fan living in Hurricanes territory. But this plate has a Capitals frame around it. I have the same one on my car! The submission came with the poster telling me that this is the first summer he’s been able to drive around and not feel ashamed. To him, I say, never be ashamed to rock the red, ESPECIALLY in enemy territory! In fact, that’s your assignment this week, readers! I want all transplant fans to submit their love for the Caps rocking the red against whatever your local team is! Submit content to our Facebook page by August 25th for it be featured in the next installment of NoVa CAPtures! And again, don’t be ashamed to rock the red because you live in North Carolina! I mean, remember who won the Stanley Cup in 2006?

…Me neither.

Submitted by: Jason Lottmann

This week’s Caps kiddo is a newborn, who entered the world on August 3rd. I don’t know what this baby’s name, but I know I know that is one unamused face! Don’t worry, kid! You were born into a Capitals family! You’re quite lucky, you’re one of the few Caps fans who didn’t have to live through back to back Pittsburgh reigns. I hope you grow up having a lot to cheer about!

Submitted by: Drew Sturge


I have to admit, I’m not a huge Madison Bowey fan. He has all the makings of a great player, but in my opinion, he just isn’t quite there yet. With Brooks Orpik presumably retiring after his new deal with Washington expires next summer, I feel like Bowey should spend some time with the Hershey Bears in the AHL this season and really hone his craft. He can then take Orpik’s spot in the 2019-20 season with an extra year in Chocolate Town under his belt, ready for action. But I digress, here we have Bowey himself, who is a lot taller than I had previously given him credit for, on his day with the Cup early this summer. The submitter of this post told me Bowey is a fantastic guy and he really loved the Caps gear he sported that day. The boys in Red truly are tremendous people, aren’t they? You’ve got to love how they share their days with the Cup with their fans as well. Way to go, Bowey!

Submitted by: Ross Bisson


And we finish off today’s post with this submission. I have no context as to who these people are. I assume their fans who happened to be around when Holtby had his day with the Cup; that’s what I’m choosing to believe, anyway. The wholesome smiles on both Braden Holtby an the man in the Ovechkin jersey really say all there is to be said about this whole summer. It has been a feel-good time for the best fans in the world, and for the players who worked so hard to earn having their names engraved upon the Stanley Cup. As the Cup continues to make its way around to each member of the Washington Capitals locker room, and we begin to look forward to next season, we must remember how hard the players worked to get to this point. I hope they’re willing to pus themselves to defend their title yet again; being the Stanley Cup Champions is a fantastic feeling.

Submitted by: Amanda Bischler

And that concludes this installment of NoVa CAPtures! Remember transplant fans, I want to see your support for Washington for the next episode! And when you’re home tonight, surrounded by family and loved ones, think of Amanda. Think of her husband, her children, her family, and her friends. Be thankful for what you have, and if you can, give a little to those who need it. If you decided to read the whole article and now you’d like to make a donation, you can support Amanda’s recover by clicking this link. 

By: Chris Laroche

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